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TikTok planning a push into gaming

This is not a drill. TikTok gaming is most likely going to be a thing in the near future! Reuters reports that TikTok has been planning to make a major push into gaming, with the company conducting tests on its app in Vietnam. These HTML-5 mini game tests have been confirmed by a company representative.

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So, how would gaming on a video sharing app work exactly? What else are TikTok planning? Currently, sources say that TikTok plans to make good use of parent company ByteDance’s suite of mini-games.

The major plan when it comes to TikTok gaming is to use these ad-supported games to boost revenue and convince people to spend more time on the app. With TikTok being the fastest growing, we’re not sure how much more time people could spend on it!

TikTok and Gaming – A History

Though a massive push into gaming, this isn’t TikTok’s first foray into such an endeavor. The company has already tried one in-app mini-game called ‘Garden of Good’, a FarmVille esque experience. The game involved growing vegetables to earn points, which were then used to make donations to the non-profit Feeding America.

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Additionally, a partnership with Zynga resulted in Disco Loco 3D, an HTML-5 endless runner within the app itself. However, this is just the beginning for TikTok, and we are certain to be seeing many more games coming onto the platform!

Why Gaming?

Simply put, gaming is the biggest entertainment industry on the planet. Currently worth almost $200 billion, gaming is expected to reach a value of USD 339.95 billion by 2027. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly sped things along as people turned to gaming during lockdown. With major social platforms such as Facebook investing heavily in gaming, it was only a matter of time till TikTok joined the fray.

TikTok Gaming Predictions

Apart from browser based games from it’s parent company, reports say that TikTok is also planning a deeper level of interaction between streamers and viewers. This will be through games where viewers can directly interact with those they are following.

Ad revenue will be a big part of TikTok gaming, with ad-supported games resulting in massive profits for TikTok and ByteDance. Predictions also include plans to roll out gaming to more locations in Southeast Asia, coming as soon as the end of this year.


With TikTok’s massive growth and user base, a shift to gaming is a no-brainer. Considering the amount of time people spend on the app, the avenues for near-limitless growth are present. Through simple games that involve short play times, coupled with their well established short-video phenomenon, TikTok certainly have a gold mine on their hands!

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