Valorant Agent 21 Harbor Episode 5 Act 3

In this article we will talk about the release of Episode 5 act 3. We will also introduce you to the new Valorant agent 21 Harbor. Let’s start,

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Episode 5 act 3 release with new battle pass

On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, the third Act of Episode 5 went live, and with it we got the new Battle Pass. This coincides with the standard two-week interval between minor fixes in Valorant and major upgrades like the release of new Acts and Episodes. The new valorant agent 21 “Harbor” has also been in news after an early leak. We saw an interesting backstory and a attractive set of skills.

Valorant Agent 21 “Harbor” abilities and more

image shows valorant agent 21 harbor on a poster

Agent Harbour aka Captain Varun Batra is the first Indian Agent in Valorant. Something we need to know is that the new valorant agent 21 Harbor is now the fifth agent controller in almost 2 years. He is also one of the very few agents who can control an element i.e. water.

Harbor is a unique agent and is going to be a powerful once you learn to play with him. It has only been a week since his release but players are already figuring out amazing ways and combinations to utilize this agent.

Backstory of Vlorant Agent 21 Harbor

From early teaser, we already understand that the Realm is after Harbor under the command of Captain Greaves. We see Harbor on a mission to retrieve an ancient artifact which attaches itself to him and now he is a Realm fugitive with a coveted artifact that he can use! See the trailer.

Unlock Valorant Agent 21 Harbor

Similar to other agents, you can unlock after reaching level 5 of his contract. To get Harbor, you need to activate his contract and earn XP until level 5 or you can unlock him directly by using 1VP.

Skills and abilities

To briefly review, Harbor can create walls of water and use these water barriers to hide from the enemies. He can also move the walls like a wave weakening the enemies during combat. Additionally, he can create an orb of water which, wait for it, is bullet proof.

Let’s begin with the Ultimate ability- Reckoning, you will need 7 points for a full charge and here’s what you can do:

  • Reckoning: Equip the full power of your artifact. Fire to summon a geyser on the ground. Enemy players in the area are targeted by successive geyser attacks. Players caught in a hit are shocked.

Overall, this ability has a huge area of effect radius. Anyone caught within this radius gets hit with continuous blasts of water that concusses them and impairs their weapons’ rate of fire. Moreover, a plume is also formed over their heads that indicates the position of the enemies hit with this ability.

  • High Tide: Use High Tide to create safe paths and block various bottlenecks that enemies would observe. Unlike Viper’s Wall, which runs in a straight line, the player can control High Tide’s path, making it incredibly flexible in controlling a site.
  • Cove: works as smoke and shield simultaneously, but only lasts 15 seconds if it isn’t broken by enemy fire. Use it to cover an ally while they plant or disable the spike, but be careful, it can be easily broken with just half a vandal or ghost clip.
  • Cascade: when traversing a contested choke point, such as the main entrance to a site. Send the wave forward to help your team spread out more than normal, forcing enemies out of their way while blocking their vision.

All the details above are a courtesy of Riot games.

Valorant battle pass end Episode 5 act 2

Act Two of Episode Five of Valorant Battle Pass has ended on Tuesday, October 18. Act Two is now officially concluded and Act Three has begun. This Battle Pass held a unique significance for the Valorant community because of its focus on VCT 2022.

Riot Games introduced the Champions 2022 collection, which included the Phantom and a beautiful Butterfly Knife in addition to the Immortalized skin set that strongly reflected the Champions. The following battle pass awards are no longer obtainable for the players:

  • Immortalized: Guardian, Sheriff, Stinger, and Vandal.
  • Piedra del Sol: Bucky, Ghost, Judge, Melee, and Phantom.
  • Premiere Collision: Ares, Bulldog, Classic, and Marshal


The new Valorant agent 21 Harbor has some really cool abilities he is showing off. Check out the new battle pass and let us know what you think? Until then Eklipse blog is here for you to cover everything Valorant! Check out this recent article about how to play valorant or check out this new article. If this article was helpful share it on your social media and tag us. Happy Gaming!

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