valorant new agent 21
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Valorant Agent 21 Latest Leaks: All You Need to Know

The new Valorant agent 21 is rumored to be coming soon, but currently only rumors are circulating about the name and an estimated release date.

After Fade’s success, the 20th Valorant agent with a gothic and dark feel, it seems that Riot Games is currently trying to present a new controller type agent which is still in the development process.

While working on several buff processes for agents that are considered less popular, Riot Games is also trying to balance several agents to bring stability to the game process.

Various updates were also presented to continue to provide comfort and a better playing experience to the players.

New Valorant Agent 21: Name, skill and release date leaked

valorant agent 21
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For leaks regarding the name of Valorant’s new agent, currently quoted from the ValorLeaks Twitter account is ‘Mage’. Yes, more or less called Mage like ‘Mage’ in MOBA games.

The choice of the name Mage is believed to have been inspired by one of the best-selling games made by Riot Games, namely LoL or League of Legends. Mages are believed to have magical or sorcery effects that can inflict serious damage in the game or may provide a good defensive effect that allows the player to make things difficult for the opponent.

Some of the Valorant agents that have been presented in the game almost all have quite capable powers. It can be seen how Fade and Chamber can take on two important roles, namely Initiator to Sentinel.

This fact can be an indicator that in the future, this Mage will certainly become an agent of type Controller. It is possible to become the successor of one of the best-selling controllers, namely Omen.

Regarding the release date of Mage (or whatever the name of the new agent will be) it is expected to be released on August 24, 2022. However, any changes are still possible.

Well, it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see how the new Valorant agent will come, friends. Hopefully it can bring new challenges in the game!


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