YouTube Shorts Monetization is no surprise

YouTube Shorts Monetization
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YouTube Shorts, a feature similar to TikTok that allows users to upload and watch short video snippets, has developed a lot in the past two years. Now YouTube is set to flip the switch and start YouTube shorts monetization. The plan is to split the profits with the people who made it.

What does YouTube Shorts Monetization mean?

YouTube against TikTok is a rivalry always in the talks. We know they go hand in hand. So it is understandable why YouTube shorts monetization is being introduced. The objective is to increase better revenue generating opportunities than TikTok. Another is to win over (and win back) a significant number of content creators who have been migrating to the competing site. Hence, they will achieve these goals by allowing YouTube shorts to monetize.

Next year, YouTube shorts will become a part of Partner Program. In addition, YouTube is offering up new opportunities that will assist creators in monetizing their Shorts. They can do it even if they are not a part of the Partner Program. This includes paid channel memberships as well as tipping via the “Super Thanks” feature. However, YouTube has not yet stated the prerequisites that will be needed to activate these choices.

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How will YouTube Shorts Monetization work?

We are sure that you must be wondering how will it all work. So, suppose a YouTube Shorts creator has gotten at least 1,000 subscribers and 10 million views on their Shorts. All this happened within a 90 days period. In that case, they will become eligible to apply to participate in the revenue-sharing scheme. YouTube will begin offering it at the beginning of 2023. Surely, more creators will start to opt for YouTube shorts monetization by then.

Payouts for YouTube shorts monetization will be structured quite differently. In case of shorts platform will keep 55% of the profits earned while the artists will receive 45% of those funds. However, the situation was reversed when it came to standard YouTube videos. They are doing it to ensure that content creators can include music in their Shorts without having to worry about licensing issues. This is one thing they would have to consider on other platforms.

What is Partners Program?

It is simply YouTube’s revenue sharing program and you need to qualify for it by completing the above mentioned requirements. Though, YouTube is planning to make monetization easy for content creators. Without participating in the program, they will soon have access to features such as the Super Thanks tipping option and paid channel subscriptions, thanks to a new feature tier that is being made available by the company.

In addition, YouTube has announced that it will be introducing a “new level” of the YouTube Partner Program. This “new level” will have fewer requirements and will offer earlier access to features that will allow users to fund their channels, such as Super Thanks, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships. In 2023, YouTube will make it possible for long-form, short-form, and live creators to all join this new tier, which will allow them to reward creators working in a variety of genres.


Let’s see how this step turns out for the content creators and YouTubers. But we think YouTube shorts monetization was something long overdue and we all in a way knew it will happen. We bring you the latest news from the gaming and streaming world. Stay tuned to our blog for more YouTube related content.

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