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Animoon NFT cards: Are They Worth It?

If you have clicked on the post, it means that you already know what an NFT is. For those who don’t know, non-fungible tokens or NFTs are non-interchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain. Anything digital can be an NFT which in this case are images. The Animoon NFT project has recently launched its own NFTS.

The Animoon NFT project has become quite popular in the anime community. If you are an anime fan and someone who wants to invest in NFTs, this is a golden opportunity for you. In today’s article, we are going to talk about Animoon NFT. So without further ado, let’s begin.

What is Animoon?

Animoon is a company that produces animated projects such as full-length and short animated movies. The company also creates animated brands. They have recently announced a huge collection of NFTs that can be bought from online NFT stores.

Animoon 2

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What are Animoon NFTs?

Animoon NFTS are basically pokemon based NFTs developed by Animoon studios. NFTs have a terrible reputation of being ugly but these Animoon NFTs are not only beautiful but are also an artistic masterpiece. A great benefit of purchasing these beautiful pokemon NFTs is security. If you are a pokemon card collector, you probably know about all the scams and fake cards that circulate in the Pokemon community.

Anyone can be scammed with a fake pokemon card and that’s something that can cause you millions of dollars. These pokemon NFTs on the other hand provide you a lot of security as they can not be replicated. NFTs will be featured on blockchain and will become an official part of it. With an NFT, you can feel secure that you have invested in the right product.

This is true for NFTs in general. There are 9999 NFTs in the Animoon NFT library. It is quite an ambitious project and allows gamers to invest in something they love and appreciate. What’s more, is that owning each NFT will give you closed beta access to a play-to-earn game. This game will be a part of the Metaverse.

Legendary cards that generate money each month

Fifteen legendary cards are included in the NFT collection and they will allow the user to generate $2,500 every month for their life! One can only imagine how much value these cards will have once they become the property of an owner.

Pokemon Cards with ETH collars

Animoon has also announced that cards from 16 to 800 have an ETH gold collar. Each week a card from 16 to 800 will be drawn and will be awarded a redemption offer at 10 times the actual floor price. Furthermore, cards from 401 to 800 have an ETH silver collar. Each week a card from this collection will be drawn and a redemption offer at 5 times the actual floor price will be awarded.

An all-inclusive trip to Japan

You should be on the lookout for NFT cards with a  “Hachimaki” (Japanese Headband. These cards will give the owners an all-inclusive luxury trip to Japan as long as there are two people. There are 25 NFT cards with a Hachimaki.

Breeding Animoons

If you have two Animoons from the same family, you can breed them to obtain a babymoon. This babymoon will generate daily ETH for you and will play a major role in the play-to-earn game.

Animoon Holders

Animoon will select the person with the highest number of Animoons after the sold-out to hold the legendary card number 15. Holders will also receive the Animoon Evolution Potion. They can use this potion to develop their Animon.


Animoon is providing Pokemon fans and NFT enthusiasts a golden chance to invest in valuable NFTs. Make sure you don’t miss this.

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