Illuvium NFT
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Collect exotic NFTs with Illuvium

RPG games leave a lasting impression on gaming culture and gamers. It’s these games that compel us to spend hours on the game without getting bored. What if I told you that Illuvium promises the same immersive environment while giving you the opportunity to earn lucrative prizes?

We all love a game with well-developed lore and an engaging environment. Illuvium takes that concept and expands it into a play-to-earn model. It is a game with many opportunities for players to earn revenue and prizes. To learn more about the game, keep reading the blog.

The exotic world of Illuvium

Illuvium is a lot like Pokemon when it comes to its lore and exotic monsters known as Illuvials. It’s an open-world RPG game where you can catch, collect, train, and battle exotic monsters. The battle part is the main theme of the Illuvium experience as you can earn exciting rewards by defeating enemies in battle.

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As you might have guessed by now, the Illuvials serve as the main NFT material in this game. Other than that, you can also purchase and sell land in the game. The in-game currency is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is officially one of the largest NFT projects. Illuvium has a market cap of more than $500 billion.

The potential and production value of this play-to-earn NFT game is comparable to other ambitious NFT projects such as My neighbor Alice, Axie Infinity, and The sandbox. Visually speaking, the game is stunning. You can browse the hundreds of Illuvials in the game. All of them have stunning designs. Each Illuvial possesses different abilities and stats in the game.

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You can collect these exotic Illuvials and build a powerful team. You can also fuse your Illuvials to create powerful hybrids that wreak havoc upon your adversaries!


In this play-to-earn game, you can generate revenue by earning Ethereum crypto through ILV tokens. You get these tokens as in-game rewards when you complete quests and unlock achievements. You can also win these rewards in tournaments and events in the game. The other way is to defeat other players in the PVP mode.


So that’s everything you need to know about the Illuvium NFT game.

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