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Crypto Gaming: Earn and Play

The Hype of Crypto Gaming

Crypto gaming is the new beast in the online gambling market as the concentration of cryptocurrency increases exponentially. The hype of NFT or crypto games is unlike any other crypto asset in the market right now.

Earn Money By Playing Games
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About Crypto Gaming

As the name suggests, this type of gaming involves using crypto currencies and not the regular money. You can wager coins like Etherium, Bitcoin, Doge or selective currency as a specific feature for some crypto games. For example, SAND tokens are a game specific cryptocurrency that belongs to the game Sandbox. You can buy these tokens by using any crypto wallet like Coinbase or Exodus.

There are online casinos just like any normal ones that you can now use through your browser to play these games. There are also crypto gaming apps that you can download in your phone for an easy access.

Is it worth the hype?

Crypto gaming is all the rage at the moment, people are investing and earning huge amounts of money through gambling cryptocurrencies in these games. The people who are already into crypto trading say that this trend is here to stay and it is an amazing opportunity.

Keep in mind that cryptocurrency trade is not like a physical bank.  There is no insurance policy or foolproof safety option in crypto gaming. Although, you can keep yourself protected by getting a safe crypto wallet and using online protection tools.

Crypto Wallet
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If you conduct a proper research as a beginner and look for a safe forum you can also invest in crypto gaming safely. Another way is to become a regular member of your relevant crypto gaming communities to learn more about them.

How to invest in Crypto Gaming?

Crypto Gaming is a fairly new subject hence it still remains a mystery. It can easily intimidate any new investor. Oh, are you one too? No problem, we are here to help you out. Keep reading to learn how to get started for investing in a crypto game. If we are being fair, there is not much to it, requirements you will need to meet are:

  • Select and register with a platform ( A website that has crypto gaming where you can sign-up and play)
  • A crypto wallet with cryptocurrency
  • Your handy smart-phone or any device of your choice ( PC, Tablet or Laptop)

Making accounts would be fairly simple for a person who is familiar with internet. Otherwise, you can find multiple, in depth videos online that explain the process. You can check this video out as a reference.

Try to see the requirements for any particular game before you get started. Make sure your device is fairly new otherwise you may not be able to play. Learn about the game currency, themes, collectables and gather information on a specific blockchain. It is important to be a part of an ecosystem rather than choosing a lone game for investment.

Always use a trusty antivirus tool to make sure your devices are protected. Keep in mind that trends are meant to be over and online markets are fairly turbulent. Start small, only put in the kind of amount you would be ok to lose.

Best gaming crypto for beginners

Here are a few crypto gaming currencies that are a safe option and you can invest in them as a beginner.

Gala Games

Gala Games promises to give you games you will actually wanna play and make money along side. It has many projects in works and with a price jump of 550%, it had experienced an all time high in November 2021. It is still enjoying a high rate of plus 100% over the past few months.

GALA Games
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Their game that is available to play is Town-Star in which your challenge is to design the most beautiful town. According to, the seven games in development have a survival shooter game, Last Expedition, an intergalactic strategy game, Echoes of Empire, and a tower defense game called Fortified.

ENJ (Enjin)

Trading and selling is the most interesting aspect of blockchain gaming. Despite sitting and waiting for your assets to build up you can just trade or sell them immediately and earn more. Enjin makes trading across games easier for you.

Enjin Coin
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This software development kit (SDK) allows you to make game NFTs that you can trade and sell. You can create your own trading systems and items through it. It is a type of quick investment in crypto gaming which is fairly secure and has a lesser risk.

Immutable X (Illuvium)

The Etherium main chain that runs NFT games has a tedious and costly transaction process. Immutable X keep you outside the main Etherium blockchain and makes the process much faster through microtransactions. Later it adds many transactions as one on the main blockchain and promises minimal gas fees through a layer 2 roll-up.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas has two tokens in the game ATLAS and POLIS. The game is visually stunning and the players challenge each other to explore, trade, mine and build in a fantasy RPG setting. It uses the SOLANA(SOL) network and it belongs as currency to both the metaverse and the game.

Crypto gaming, The Atlas Star
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Best crypto game for investors

Except the fairly obvious options from an investing point of view which are, Axie infinity and The Sandbox game we have another game coming up in news with cars as NFTs and who does not love cars? According to the official web review of REVV Racing:

In REVV Racing, cars are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and all game sessions are logged in the blockchain – but the game looks and works like the 3D car racing games you’ve played on your console or PC.” So, what are you waiting for? Buy your favorite car now and get racing!


This was our complete account on crypto gaming. I would like to add that the crypto industry, though still volatile shows a lot of promise. Investing in it can be a make or break for many and most people are doing it purely out of the fear to miss out on what seems like their one chance in a possible billion dollar industry. Good luck to everyone, invest carefully!


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