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How to Play DeNations NFT Game

DeNations is one of the blockchain games that allows you to get crypto coins easily. Curious what the game is like and how to register? Here’s the complete info.

In 2022, more and more non-fungible token (NFT) games are appearing on the Ethereum network. One of them that is currently popular is DeNations.

Through this game, you are invited to establish and develop a superpower in the virtual world. You are free to issue any policy for the greatest benefit. Curious about the full details? Please read the review on DeNations below!

About DeNations

denations nft
Source: DENATIONS Official Website

DeNations is a play-to-earn game set on a blockchain network. This game invites players to build a new civilization in a virtual world.

Players can even design a new system of government, complete with an economy that can provide players with huge profits.

The presence of the game is a breath of fresh air for collectors and investors in the cryptocurrency world. The reason is, this type of game offers an attractive investment method with exciting gameplay .

This money-making game is also starting to get the attention of NFT gamers, supported by DeNations’ social score of 72 , up 1.41% in the last 24 hours.

If you are interested in following the development of information about DeNations, you can press the Follow button on their official Twitter account @DeNations_DENA . Until this article was written, their account has already gained 11.6K followers .

Besides being able to provide passive income, DeNations also has a number of interesting features that make this game even more targeted by crypto investors. Here are some of them.

Play-to-Earn (P2E): By playing DeNations and having NFT, you can play and mine crypto at the same time.

Marketplace : You can buy various DeNations items that are traded through NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and others.

In-Game Currency & NFT Items

Before deciding to invest in a money-making application, make sure you know about the statistics on the price of tokens and NFT being traded. To be more clear, check the following reviews!

1. Decentralized Nations Token (DENA) Price Today

As an NFT game player, you have to pay attention to the dynamics of the most actual token graph so that you know the right moment to buy or sell assets. Likewise when you play the game DeNations.

Adapted to the CoinMarketCap website, the price of the Decentralized Nations Token (DENA) today is in the range of 1.99 USD.

2. NFT Items Sold at DeNations

There are several items that can be traded in this game. These items really help your game and increase your chances of getting lots of tokens.

  1. Nation Ownership: When else can you buy a country? Buy these NFT items and develop superpowers according to your own concept!
  2. Free Land: Running out of state land? Or do you need your own land to develop a new country? Purchase free land access now and fulfill your dream of becoming a superpower leader!

How to Register

This NFT game can be directly played on the web browser of your choice starting in 2022. Currently, you can access all information about the game on the DeNations official website.

How to Play & Farm in DeNations

How to play DeNations is very exciting like simulator games. Players will be invited to build new civilizations located in virtual countries or occupy new lands that are free from any territorial area.

Even better, players can control what the economic system in your area will be like. The more mature and complex the system is implemented, the potential for profit is greater and multiplied.


That’s a complete review and how to play DeNations to be able to produce crypto coins with a fairly promising amount. Make sure you understand how to farm crypto in this game so you can earn more money!