Doctor who: Worlds Apart
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The Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card game

Card games serve as a nostalgia trigger for many of us. They remind us of those times when we all sat around with our friends to engage in a battle of cards. This card game is especially a nostalgia trigger for Doctor Who fans. This digital card game allows you to reap NFT rewards by battling players online. In this blog, I will give you a brief intro to Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card game.

Source: Medium

A digital card game for Doctor Who fans

The Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card game is an ambitious NFT project set across all eras of the Doctor Who universe. There’s so much to explore in this game universe. You can collect hundreds of unique cards and add them to your stunning deck. You can use the cards to play with your friends or strangers through the online matchmaking system.

The card battle system is easy to learn and beginner-friendly. You can learn countless strategies and methods to play the card game. The more battles you join, the more skillful you will get at playing the card game. Every card that you own in the game can be traded with other players. You can also sell the card for real money.

You can join the marketplace to look for cards to complete your cards. Players can also look for interested buyers so you can sell your rare cards to them. You can start your adventure with 50 free cards. The game is currently in early access for founders’ tokens holders. Each card has different perks and thus different uses.

There are different card packs in this game that you can use such as the Death sentence pack, life sentence pack, and the edge of reality pack.


In summary, the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart NFT game is highly recommended for Doctor Who fans who want to satisfy their nostalgia. If you are an NFT enthusiast, this card game can turn out to be a great play-to-earn investment for you.

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