Metaverse: Your Guide to the New World

Metaverse is a term that refers to a virtual world where humans can carry out all kinds of activities like in real life all thanks to the advancement in technology.

His name is even more trending after Mark Zuckerberg announced the renaming of his technology company from Facebook, to Meta which was inspired by the name of the new virtual universe.

So, what exactly is a metaverse ? How does it work and what are some examples? Is this a sign that the technological era will be advancing towards its peak? To get an answer to these questions read this article,

What is Metaverse?

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Metaverse is a virtual community that connects the whole world. In this world, people can meet, work, play, and even transact like the real world thanks to the help of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology .

The term “metaverse” is fairly old. You can find it in several old Sci-Fi novels, such as Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash which was released in 1992, or more recent ones such as Earnest Cline’s Ready Player One in 2011.

Even though, the concept of this kind of virtual community world is not unfamiliar it is still somewhat new. Since the emergence and development of the internet in the 1990s , various online communities have emerged through several social media platforms that existed at that time, for example AOL Instant Messenger. 

The increasing and ever so rapid development of the internet also supported the emergence of virtual world-based games, one of which was World of Warcraft which emerged in the early 2000s.

 Metaverse VR
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Today, the virtual world is getting bigger and touches almost all aspects of human life. It can start as simple as shopping online via e-commerce sites/apps, creating art, watching famous people and then reaches to celebrating online weddings. Yes, you heard it right! According to recent news, an online virtual wedding has already commenced in the Meta Universe. 

In fact, in the online virtual world itself, such technology has emerged that combines augmented realityvirtual reality, video, 3D holographic avatars, and many other means of communication and interactivity. 

This is the reason why the metaverse believes in incorporating all elements of human life into the internet, from shopping, vacations, fashion, weddings and all social media. Given that everything will be integrated into the Metaverse, everyone can go about virtual routines like everyday life.

How does technology work in the Metaverse?

Avatars in the metaverse
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The way that metaverse works is you enter a completely virtual world. You can find many similar elements of life just like in the real world.

All of this is of course, depends upon extremely sophisticated technological developments, especially the internet network which is getting faster and more complex. As the name indicates, it is a virtual world so you can never separate metaverse from the internet as its main access.

In addition, Metaverse runs on tech-capable devices like, headphones/headsets and AR or VR glasses . Given that the metaverse is an AR and 3-dimensional, the existence of this device is an absolute must if you want to exist in the metaverse.

Not only that, according to our prediction various products that support augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will be more and more on the market, for example robotic arms, high-tech VR glasses, to the latest software applications.

How to Enter the Metaverse?

If you already know a little bit about the metaverse, of course now you’re more curious, so let’s learn how do you get into the metaverse world?

We will describe some of the steps you must take if you want to be a part of this. Check out the steps:

  1. Select a platform to enter the Metaverse 
  2. Make sure you have your headphones/headset and AR or VR glasses ready
  3. Register yourself to enter your chosen Metaverse platform

If you have done the 4 steps above, you are already live in a virtual life that feels real. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

What is Virtual Economy in Metaverse?

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Now, the growing metaverse growth is ogled by investors who have been interested in investing fantastic amounts of assets there. The assets in the metaverse are known as NFTs. The currency is called crypto. In fact, people are now making their own NFT assets in metaverse.

If the pace remains this way cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT) can become people’s means of payment in the future. This pre-supposes that people will no longer pay using conventional money which differs between countries and is often unstable.

Not only that, the dynamics of the economy in the metaverse will be more clearly visible. Anyone can buy the best clothes for their avatars in the cyberspace market, or choose unique decorations in their virtual homes from anywhere around the world. 

This makes the prospects for the metaverse look pretty promising in the future. The hope is that humanity will no longer be separated by distance. We all can unite in the same universe at last. 

What Metaverse to join?

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Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of metaverse that you can find for now. The first is the metaverse which allows one to construct one’s environment from the most basic level or 0.

This type of metaverse uses a virtual economy system that has recently been well integrated, namely cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT). You can check out our blog’s NFT section to learn more about them. Here’s a brief outlook,

Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency is a digital currency for virtual transactions.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token): NFT is a crypto digital asset. An ownership file such as games, apps, photos, & other digital art. 

Based on our observations, these are some of the popular metaverses that people are becoming a part of: Many users are joining the Decentraland and The Sandbox platforms as a place to be creative and sell their art to virtual buyers.

Meanwhile, the second metaverse tends to be more regular and easy to find. The concept has embedded into various types of online games. Take, for example, Roblox , Animal Crossing , and even Fortnite. 

Even though the developers don’t define their game as a metaverse, they use the exact same principles as the metaverse, from meeting and doing activities together in games to making virtual buying and selling transactions.

Well, if you’re still curious about the most popular and most sophisticated metaverse examples that are currently being targeted by crypto investors, just check the review below!

1. Decentraland

Welcome To Decentraland
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Decentraland is the first successful blockchain game to demonstrate the potential of NFTs and cryptocurrencies as economic drivers in gaming. This game offers a virtual world that the players can inhabit and develop. 

2. The Sandbox

The Sandbox NFT
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Metaverse gaming presented in The Sandbox allows players to buy land, build buildings on it, then sell it through the NFT marketplace . In fact, this metaverse also allows you to design your own game.

3. Axie Infinity

Source: PeakD

Axie Infinity is one of the pioneers of the most popular NFT metaverse games today. This NFT game developed by a Vietnamese developer will invite you to collect, maintain, and breed cute monsters named Axies. Well, you can sell these cute monsters at a very high price as NFT assets. 

4. Illuvium

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Illuvium is an open-world RPG game about aliens. We call these aliens Illuvials. In this metaverse, you can collect, combine and fight for $ILV tokens or even NFT if you’re lucky!

5. Second Life

Virtual Grand Canyon Second Life
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Unlike the list above, SecondLive presents a metaverse that is packaged like a convention . You can see various crypto communities and platforms, and meet other players virtually.


This is all that we want to tell you about the Metaverse and how it works with a few examples that are closest to real. Are you ready to enter the virtual world and its endless opportunities? 

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