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How to Make NFT Easily in a Few Steps

Ever wondered how to make NFT? The answer is very simple. This guide will explain to you everything you need to know when it comes making your own NFT, whether it’s art, game or any other digital asset.

As you know, NFT or non-fungible tokens are viral and are being talked about a lot on social media, considering that their assets are easy to exchange like money and are able to generate cash.

So, if you’re looking for some passive income, this is the guide for you. Stay tuned till the end!

1. Select the Item to be NFT

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The very first step you have to do if you want to create your own NFT is to start looking for unique assets that are worthy of being NFT.

Anything, anyway? It can come from your own paintings, photos, music, video games, even to a collection of memes, GIFs, or even tweets like what Jaka wrote in an article about the most unique and strange NFT assets in the world.

Make sure you already own the intellectual property rights to your personal belongings before converting them to NFT. Thus, you will not have legal and legal problems related to these goods.

2. Choose Your Blockchain of Choice

Crypto assets like NFT can never be separated from the blockchain, considering that this large system is the “home” for the volatile dynamics of the cryptographic world.

For information, blockchain itself is a digital data storage system that underlies the development of crypto currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, and other forms of crypto assets.

Based on Jaka’s search, artists or public figures use Etherum as their blockchain system because it is claimed that the price is the most stable and is supported by the NFT marketplace.

3. Choose Favorite Crypto Wallet

Well, this is no less important! You should already start owning a crypto wallet. This is because you cannot directly buy NFT assets with conventional money, but must first convert them to crypto money.

Not only that, all your crypto transactions can only go in and out of the same crypto wallet. Only after that, you can convert it to the latest currency.

There are several types of crypto wallets that you can use, ranging from Math Wallet, AlphaWallet, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, to Metamask which Jaka has explained in the article below.

4. Determine the Best NFT Market

Once you have your cryptocurrency and digital wallet, it’s time to choose the best market to sell your NFT on. NFT marketplace or NFT marketplace is a platform that was specifically established as a place to sell NFT digital assets.

If you want to describe it, the NFT market is arguably not much different from conventional e-commerce sites. The difference is, this marketplace only focuses on NFT products that will be traded by crypto investors.

NFT artists usually create NFT art, games, and other digital assets on sites such as OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, to Larva Labs/CryptoPunk. You can read the full article below.

5. Upload Assets and Set Buy-Sell Prices

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Already have assets to sell, blockchain, NFT wallet, to NFT marketplace? It’s time for you to register and upload your assets into it. Later, all the stuff you upload (whether it’s in PNG, GIF, MP3, and so on) will be converted into NFT digital assets.

After uploading assets to the marketplace, you have to do some crucial things that are very important in order to earn money. Here’s a brief description.

  1. Sell ​​at a Competitive Price : Set an affordable but competitive price with other people’s assets. This is important to attract potential buyers.
  2. Set Auction Deadline : By setting a deadline for the auction, potential buyers have a target to participate in open bidding .
  3. Start Auctions Unlimited Time : You can also open auctions of NFT assets indefinitely. That way, you are also given the freedom to close it whenever you want.

How to Mining Digital Assets to NFT

Mining NFT is the process of converting digital assets into crypto collections. In other words, you store digital files on the blockchain . The digital files can be photos, music, video games, meme/GIF collections, or other NFT Art.

It must be admitted, when someone succeeds in entering the first NFT in the marketplace, of course they want to add or save constantly or mint, like Ghozali Everyday’s viral NFT.

So, if you’ve created your first NFT and want to add to your collection, here’s how to mint digital assets into NFT.

How to Mine NFT in OpenSea

The OpenSea marketplace can be said to be one of the mainstays, even including the popular ones. It is recommended, if the first NFT is uploaded on this platform, subsequent collections should also be on this platform.

Immediately, here’s an easy way to add NFT to it. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open an OpenSea account.
  2. Open the collection that you have created.
  3. Click Add New Item.
  4. Upload the NFT and name the NFT.
  5. Fill in the detailed description for the digital asset.
  6. Click Create.

How to Mine NFT on Rarible

Apart from OpenSea, there is the Rarible platform which is also popular. Interestingly, on this platform there is a Lazy Minting feature that makes it easy for users to mint NFT.

Immediately, here’s a guide to mining digital assets into NFT on Rarible.

  1. Open Rarible in the URL ( )
  2. Connect your crypto wallet.
  3. Click Create and fill in all the details about the NFT you want to save.
  4. Select the Free minting option.
  5. Click Create Item and sign the authorization checklist with the wallet.

Finished! Now you can easily mint digital assets into NFT. As an NFT creator, you can also create a royalty schedule for each subsequent sale. Later, these royalties become commissions or profits.

The value of NFT also depends on the story behind it. The more interesting, the more in demand and popular. This is also supported by a community that is in accordance with your NFT Art market, yes.

To find out more about NFT Art and how to make or sell it, just take a look at the full discussion about NFT Crypto Art in this article!


That’s how to make your own NFT that you can apply in art, games, and other digital files. Interested? So, what are you waiting for?