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NELK Boys Announce Full Send Metacard NFTs

NELK boys, a prank YouTube channel, has recently announced the launch of their own NFTs. The NFT hype shows no signs of slowing down as popular brands and influencers are participating in the hype. If you know a thing or two about blockchain, it’s the right time to invest in  NFTs. So, what are these full send metacard NFTs?

These full send metacards are actually virtual membership cards in the form of NFTs. So, how can you get your hands on a NELK boys full send metacard? Below, we have unpacked everything you need to know about these NFTs. Keep reading our blog to find out.

What is the NELK boys NFT Project?

NELK boys were teasing these metacard NFTs for quite some time. They have finally introduced their full send metacard NFTs in a recent YouTube video on their channel. As mentioned above, these NFTs are available in the form of virtual membership cards. Owners of these metacard NFTs will have all access to a lot of perks.

These NFT metacards are built on blockchain ethereum and have a limited supply of 10,000 metacards. Owners of these full send metacards will have exclusive access to what full send does in the metaverse as well as the real world. Full send, a brand created by the NELK boys, has plans for international expansion.

With these metacards, you will have exclusive access to what Full send produces. This can include restaurants, hotels, gyms, lounges, casinos, festivals, merchandise, and much more. Furthermore, all of these projects, locations, and merchandise will exist in the metaverse. Full send has plans to launch all of their ventures into the Metaverse.

This means that the owner of these metacards will have excess to not only physical locations but also virtual ventures. You can expect to find clothes, apparel, virtual festivals, and virtual casinos in the metaverse. Metacard owners will have early access to all of these meta projects. These metacards NFTs will act as a mint card.

You can read more about Full send ventures on their official website.

How to get a Full send Metacard?

If you want these Full send metacards, you need to be quick since only ten thousand metacards are available. The meta cards were sold on January 19th, 2022 at 9:30 am PST. The remaining ones can now be purchased from OpenSea, a secondary market for NFTs.

How much do these metacards cost?

Each metacard has a minted base price of 0.08 ETH.


If you are a fan of NELK boys and are looking for exclusive access to Full send ventures, you should purchase this metacard before it’s too late! Doing so will give you all the privileges of being a virtual membership cardholder both in the real world and the metaverse.




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