Best NFT Mining Game List in 2022

Interesteed in playing the best NFT mining game in 2022? We’ve got a complete list for you below.

The games here are also relatively popular. This is because this new technology has a lot of fans. So for the player base it is fairly crowded and the community is active in many of these games.

The size and activeness of the community is very important in this game system. With more and more users, the economic cycle as well as the existing crypto can be very helpful, especially for those who want to play seriously.

More and more crypto and NFT users also make these games indirectly popular. Moreover, some big names such as celebrities or figures on the internet have started to promote these things.

NFT And Crypto Games

With NFT and crypto games becoming increasingly popular, it’s interesting that many still don’t understand. To understand what NFT is you have to know crypto first. Crypto itself is a digital currency that has its own value and of course has a track record that can be searched thanks to the blockchain.

Now for NFT, NFT is a Non-fungible Token which is data that can be in any form and is unique, this data can also be transferred and traded. NFT itself is also the same as crypto where ownership can be traced.

For those of you who are curious about the game, you can see below. These games use the same system as crypto and NFT. This game also relies on the same market system and can be profitable.

Axie Infinity (Most popular NFT mining game)

axie infinity apk
Source: 鏈新聞

Axie Infinity is an interesting game. This game uses Ethereum as the basis and of course can generate money for you. You could even say this game is the most expensive NFT game and can be an advantage for you.


This game uses technology from Binance which is certainly very popular and can be profitable. Playing this game will focus more on farming and also make pets stronger.

Lost Relics (new NFT mining game)

Now for Lost Relics, you could say this game is similar to Diablo or Path of Exile. You can also sell these drop items in the market. Because it uses a young Blockchain Engine, the potential is relatively large.

Splinterlands (card NFT mining game)

Well, this Splinterlands game can be said to be similar to card games in general. You will focus on the collection of cards which of course can be sold or bought in the market itself. This game uses its own coin, namely SPS. Arguably the best exciting 2021 NFT cryptocurrency-producing game.


sorare nft
Source: Bitcoin News

Maybe you already know what this game will be like. Sorare is a fantasy football game where you create your own team based on the player cards you have and can sell/buy.

Idle Cyber

As the name implies, will focus more on being idle or silent but the theme is the best NFT cryptocurrency game in 2021. Similar to other idle games, you can make your character or team stronger from items ranging from drop to market.

Gods Unchained

gods unchained token
Source: Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained, this game is a CCG game in general. But the cards you get and the packs you can buy or sell to other players for crypto money.

illuvium (RPG NFT mining game)

Well this game has a high quality and is arguably very worth playing. Illuvium is an open world RPG game that uses a blockchain system as well and can be profitable if you are diligent.


mir4 nft download nft mining game
Source: Noxplayer

Mir4 is an MMORPG game that you may be familiar with. Similar to RF, Terra Online, and others where you will grind and battle PvP and PvE frequently. But the items can be sold for crypto. One of the best 2022 NFT cryptocurrency games with the highest visual quality.

The Sandbox

best gamefi tokens 2022
Source: Token-Information

The Sandbox is a bit weird and different. The reason is, The Sandbox itself as the name implies is a sandbox NFT Money-Making Game. One of the most crowded metaverse games because it frees the players.

Block Party Blanks

For Blanks Block Party, this game has lots of fun minigames. You could say the game is relatively casual, but that doesn’t mean you can get small money, because it’s quite busy playing too.

Alien Worlds

alien worlds nft mining game
Source: Crypto Gaming Experts

This web based game may be a bit generic to say the least. This is because the Alien Worlds game is similar to other games that focus more on creating your world. This freemium game also uses blockchain and crypto systems.

Arc8 (rising NFT mining game in 2022)

arc8 nft mining game
Source: Animoca Brands

For the Arc8 game, there is a mining system behind the game system. This game is also quite simple and not so troublesome. The game is relatively light and easy to access for those of you who are curious about the best NFT cryptocurrency game 2021.

Battle Racers

One of the most popular crypto games to play because Battle Racers is a simple racing game. What makes it different is that you can buy car parts in various places such as OpenSea.

Game NFT Coin Hunt World (NFT mining game similar to Pokemon Go)

This NFT game is actually similar to Pokemon Go because players have to often go out and collect coins. Later these coins can be saved or traded depending on the players as well.

So, those are some of the best NFT crypto money-making games in 2021 that might interest you. Of course it will be very exciting if you really plan to try it. But keep in mind, you have to learn it very thoroughly.


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