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How to Play Chicken Derby NFT Game

For those of you who are fans of horse racing games like ZED RUN, you will definitely like the latest blockchain-based game, Chicken Derby .

Chicken Derby is a chicken racing game with a similar gameplay to Zodiacs Racing, only the races here use chickens instead.

The most interesting is you can buy and own these chickens in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) .

This game was made by developer Bitlovin, who is also the creator of the game Ganja Farmer. You can race chickens against other people’s chickens. By winning races, you will earn money.

Interested in earning money within this game? Here’s all you need to know about it!

What is Chicken Derby NFT?

Chicken Derby race is a racing game where you will pit your chicken in the racing arena against other people’s chickens.

It’s simple, just win the race and you will get a prize in the form of crypto money . Chicken Derby is integrated with the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).

Unlike usual online racing games, this game also requires you to strategize so that your chicken has qualified skills to beat its opponent in the racing arena.

There are a total of 33,333 chickens available on the Ethereum blockchain as NFT. Each of these chickens already has unique stats and skills . Choose and get the right chicken, then you can easily win the race.

For starters, you can buy NFT chicken available on the OpenSea NFT marketplace . Later, you can also breed your own types of chickens to produce much cooler chickens.

NFT for sale in Chicken Derby

Even though it can only be played by a few players, you can buy NFT that is sold in Chicken Derby.

The NFT includes chickens that will be used for racing. You can buy it on the site.

A total of 33,333 items are sold here. The types are very diverse, all types of chickens that can be used in the game can be found here.

The prices also vary, starting from the lowest which is around 0.035 ETH to the highest which reaches 20,000 ETH, gang.

The more expensive the price, usually the chicken is a rare chicken with a qualified ability to win races.

Download Chicken Derby

Currently, Chicken Derby is still under development. Only certain people can play the Chicken Derby crypto game.

Currently, the Chicken Derby roadmap , aka their development timeline, has reached stage 2, namely the Hatching stage . This open beta stage allows for more races to take place.

The next Chicken Derby release date will be Stage 3 which is expected to start April 2022, Stage 4 with updates in the form of additional races and chicken customization in July 2022.

Then Stage 5 in October 2022, and Stage 6 where all players can join this game. Players will also be able to socialize with other players . That’s great, right?

For now, you can find out more about the game via their official website at or join their Discord for early access.

Later, this game will be played online via their website . You don’t have to download a special application.

How to Play and Make Money in NFT Chicken Derby Game

Now that you know what Chicken Derby is, it’s time to start playing. Unfortunately, currently only certain people can play this latest NFT game.

But there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. So, when this game opens the player quota again, you already understand.

The first step to making money in Chicken Derby is, of course, by owning chickens. How to buy Chicken Derby?

As Jaka mentioned, you can buy it directly on the NFT OpenSea marketplace. You can choose what kind of chicken you want and what kind of skill .

In addition, you can also wait for some time until the Bitlovin developer opens a new player quota and gives free chicken prizes , so you don’t need to spend capital. It is predicted that this will happen at the end of August 2022 .

If you already have a chicken, then you can race. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to their website .
  2. Login with your Metamask account .
  3. Find the race you want to enter. Click ” Enter Race “.
  4. Select the chicken you want to include. You can enter up to a maximum of 2 chickens in 1 race.
  5. Confirmation of the race entry fee transaction . Some of the races are paid, but many are free .
  6. Click ” confirm ” to confirm payment in Metamask account.
  7. Wait for the race to start.

After the race starts, you can watch your chickens compete. There are several race distance options, ranging from 100 m, 120 m, 140 m, 160 m, 180 m and 200 m.

There are also several arena options. There are ground, grass, roads, rocks, sand, snow, or tracks.

After the race ends, the 3 winning chickens will get prize money. The prize is obtained from the initial race fee that you paid. 1st place gets 55% of the money, 2nd place 30%, and 3rd place 15%. The greater the cost of entering the race, the greater the prize.

Notable Game Features

Because it’s not an ordinary racing game, of course Chicken Derby has several excellent features that make it even more exciting. Here are some of them:

1. Different Types of Chicken

Chickens of Various Kinds B1c3c

Source: Chicken Derby

The fun thing is at Chicken Derby, there are several types of chicken that you can buy and get. Each has different statistics. Understanding the statistics of your chickens and other chickens can help you win more often.

There are 4 types of chicken breeds that you can find in Chicken Derby. Among these are Serama, Sultan, Lakenvelder, and Dorking . Serama chicken is the most powerful and also rare.

Each chicken also has a different appearance. There are purple, orange, white, to rare black. Each also has different characteristics that make them unique. Such as dreadlocks, fanged beaks, to robotic chickens.

You need to understand their perfection score level . The higher the perfection score , the greater the chance for the chicken to win.

You can buy chicken on OpenSea. Chicken Derby prices are set differently. The better and rarer the chicken, the more expensive it is.

Not only buying, you can also breed certain chickens from the chickens you already have. Produce superior chicks that are much better than their parents!

2. Strategy Full Gameplay

Chicken Derby Collection 8ba32

Source: OpenSea

This game is not just a racing game without a strategy. You need to strategize cleverly so that your chicken can win.

Everything is not as simple as the strongest chicken who will win. But there are also other considerations like their Stock category . The higher the stock level of the chickens, the stronger they will be.

In addition, there are also special talents that each chicken has. These talents are different from each other, so you must know what the special talents of your chicken are.

There is also the Terrain Preference aspect , which is the choice of your favorite chicken racing arena. And the Consistency aspect , namely the consistency value of each chicken that can be a determinant of victory.

Later, Heritage, Stock, Perfection, Consistency, and Terrain Preference will determine how good your chicken looks during the race.

3. Talented Chicken

Chicken Derby Chicken Customization 13577

Source: Chicken Derby

The talent of each chicken is different. There are 20 possible talents your chicken could have. Here are some of them”

Anvil, Blue Rooster, Chickenapult, CK-47, Coober, Flight, Growth, Machete, Rollerblades, Teleporter, Bluee Egg, Dig, Fan Group, Helicopter, Jetpack, Cold Snap, Devolution, Moving Walkway, Black Hole , and Royal Procession .

This talent they will use during the race and can help them be at the forefront.

The final word

Well, that’s all about the best chicken racing NFT game, Chicken Derby. Have fun playing and earning money!