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12 Best NFT Games to Play & Earn Crypto in 2022

NFT games are increasingly being sought after by people, especially by investors who are already in the cryptocurrency investment world and want to own promising assets.

This blockchain-based game with a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) system gives you the opportunity to own in-game assets that can be traded with cryptocurrencies.

The price of NFT varies greatly and it is not impossible that the price will crawl up along with the development of this digital asset. When the price spikes, you can sell it for a profit!

Well, for those of you who want to try to have high value in game assets, here is a recommended list of NFT games to make money that you must try! Don’t miss out on the best thing to play and invest in 2022!

1. Axie Infinity (one of the most popular NFT games)

nft games axie infinity
Source: CryptoPumpNews

Axie Infinity is one of the pioneers of NFT games that are now increasingly available on the internet. This game invites you to raise a virtual pet called Axie.

Based on the Ethereum network, Axie is an NFT asset that you can buy, sell, exchange, or auction on a marketplace with a special token called AXS. The price of 1 AXS is equivalent to 97.41 USD.

Axie Infinity raises the strategy genre so that your task is not only to take care of Axie, but also to bring them into the arena with a special strategy to be able to defeat the Axie group on the enemy team. Curious? Take a look of its gameplay here!

Axie Infinity Official Website

2. JobTribes

Source: Jobtribes PlayMining

The next NFT crypto game is JobTribes which is also no less popular than the previous game. This game uses the concept of a card game that can be traded. In addition, this game can be played on PC and mobile phones as it is browser-based.

Each card is a digital art registered as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The card is traded with DEAPcoin (DEP) tokens at an exchange rate of 1 DEP for 0.03 USD..

In the JobTribes game, you can also find various game modes such as Practice, Player vs Player (PvP), Story, and Quest. This NFT game also comes with an interesting gameplay in which each card has its own specialty.

JobTribes Official Website

3. CryptoKitties (play-to-earn NFT game)

nft game cryptokitties
Source: Medium

Carrying the play-to-earn concept, CryptoKitties will invite you to raise a virtual cat that is equipped with special attributes and can be sold as NFT at varying prices.

In this free NFT game, you can find thousands of CryptoKitty in the marketplace that are sold for Ethereum (ETH) coins. Meanwhile, the price of 1 ETH is equivalent to 3191,65 USD.

In addition, you can also get CryptoKitty by mating Dame aka a female cat and Siri aka a male cat to create a new kitten. Find out more here!

CyrptoKitties Official Website

4. Plant vs Undead

plant vs undead nft game
Source: Medium

You must know the game Plants vs Zombies, right? Well, Plant vs Undead (PVU) is a spin-off of the Plant vs Zombie game, only in this PVU you can have lucrative crypto assets.

In this free-to-play game, you have to defend your land from undead attacks by relying on plants which are NFT assets. Each plant also has a value that varies.

Plant vs Undead has a token called PVU which has an exchange rate of 1 PVU which is equivalent to 0.1257 USD. PVU is used for in-game transactions, such as buying plants, seeds, land, and others.

Plant vs Undead Official Website

5. The Sandbox

nft games the sandbox

The Sandbox is one of the newest NFT games that is currently viral because the token, namely SAND, has a price that continues to skyrocket significantly.

Launched by Pixowl and operating on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, currently The Sandbox SAND token is equivalent to 4.94 USD.. This figure is also predicted to continue to increase!

This decentralized game is a virtual world metaverse that allows you to create, build, buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the form of game assets registered as NFTs.

The Sandbox Official Website

6. Splinterlands 

splinterlands nft game 2022
Source: CoinQuora

Splinterlands is a card game formerly known as Steem Monsters. This game gives you the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency coins on the Hive (HIVE) blockchain.

Unlike the typical Android card game, Splinterlands is known as a trading card game (TCG) with over 280 different cards registered as NFT assets.

In this NFT game, you can buy or sell rare cards using Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) tokens which have an exchange rate of 1 DEC which is equivalent to $0.004183 USD.

The Splinterlands Official Website

7. Sorare


Sorare is a fantasy football game that allows you to trade player cards registered as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

In this free NFT crypto game with no capital, you have the opportunity to build a soccer team of eleven professional players using each player’s NFT card.

NFT transactions in the Sorare game are carried out using SOR tokens at a price of 1 SOR worth 97 US dollars. Curious and want to play the game Sorare? Just click here!

Sorare Official Website

8. Bombcrypto


Unlike the games above, Bombcrypto is a small capital NFT game based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network with a special token called BCOIN.

With the Play To Earn concept, you will play various characters who are NFT assets. Each character is also equipped with various attributes such as Power, Speed, Stamina, and others.

The selling price also varies, depending on the rarity of each character. Meanwhile, the current price of Bomb Crypto aka BCOIN is 41744,00 USD.

Bombcrypto Official Website

9. Alien Worlds (quest-based NFT games)

alien worlds nft games 2022

Alien Worlds is described as a metaverse divided into seven different planets. This game uses a cryptocurrency called Trilium (TLM) for 0.47 US dollars.

In this game, you can collect NFT assets to save or resell. You can also get TLM tokens by mining or doing various quests.

The missions in this online game require you to execute the right strategy with the help of various tools, weapons, and avatars, all of which can be traded as NFT assets.

Alien Worlds Official Website

10. Art of War

art of war
Source: THUG MOD

Finally, there is Art of War APK which may not be as popular as other games in this article. Even so, this game can also be used as an investment asset that is quite promising, you know!

Based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain with $AOW tokens, Art of War is a royal war game that will assign you various missions with NFT rewards or tokens.

In this play-to-earn game, you can have NFTs in the form of heroes with different abilities and can be developed. After your hero gets stronger, you can sell it at a high price. This is one of the NFT games you don’t want to miss, give it a try!

Art of War on Google Play

11. Thetan Arena (one of the first MOBA NFT games)

thetan arena nft game
Source: Google Play

Thetan Arena is the first blockchain-based game with a MOBA gameplay format, setting it apart from the card-based games typically found in today’s NFT world.

The game also offers a variety of promising opportunities to encourage player participation, from free skins, loot boxes, salable champions, and so on.

In addition, you can transact in Thetan Arena game using Thetan Coin (TCH) at a price of 1 THC to IDR is 0.091359 USD based on the CoinMarketCap site.

Thetan Arena Official Website

12. Illuvium (one of the most anticipated NFT games)

Source: KASKUS

If you are looking for an NFT game without capital, then you can play the Illuvium game which is planned to be released in the first quarter of 2022.

Illuvium is an open-world RPG game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. This game has a collection of monsters called Illuvial as one of the types of NFT offered.

NFT transactions in this game use Illuvium (ILV) tokens. The current price of 1 Illuvium to IDR is 809.98 USD based on data from the CoinMarketCap website. Quite tempting, isn’t it?

Illuvium Official Website

FAQS About NFT Games

If you are still confused about the NFT game and want to know more, there are several questions about this Play to Earn game that we will try to answer. Read more below!

  1. What is NFT gaming?

NFT Game is a blockchain-based game with a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) system that gives you the opportunity to own in-game assets to trade with cryptocurrencies.

2. What are the online crypto games?

Most crypto games, including the NFT games in this article, can only be played online with an internet network and accessed directly on the official website.

3. How to play NFT games?

Each NFT game has a different game mechanism according to the genre presented. However, to be able to play NFT games, you must first have a crypto wallet like MetaMask.

The Best NFT Games in 2022

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. JobTribes
  3. CryptoKitties
  4. Plant vs Undead
  5. The Sandbox
  6. Splinterlands
  7. Sorare
  8. Bombcrypto
  9. Alien Worlds
  10. Art of War
  11. Thetan Arena
  12. Illuvium


Well, that’s the list of the best money-making NFT games 2022. With the games above, you can try a more exciting way of investing with pretty promising results!