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Rebel bots xoil wars

If you are looking for a play-to-earn NFT game, Rebel bots xoil wars will be a great game for you to try. Playing NFT games allows you to unleash your gaming skills while providing you a real opportunity for earning lucrative prizes. Keep reading the blog to learn more about Rebel bots Xoil wars.

Rebel bots xoil wars – a cross-platform play-to-earn game

Rebel bots is a card battle game with sci-fi themes. The game is set in outer space and features robots and aliens that compete with each other for the possession of Xoil resources. Players can choose between two game modes i.e. PVE and PVP. In the PVE game mode, you can battle against extraterrestrials for precious xoil resources.

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In the PVP mode, you go against other players in the game and reap rewards. You basically build your own army of robots to fight against aliens or other players from other kingdoms. Rebel bots is quite a skill-based game as you need lots of prowess to successfully build a robust army and defeat other players in the game.

A very appealing part of Rebel bots Xoil wars is that it’s very simple yet has high production value. The main reason why players are attracted to play-to-earn models is their lucrative nature. The game has a simple mechanism and assures that you earn revenue if you are a skill-based player in the game.

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The intuitive nature of the game coupled with its high reward ratio makes Rebel bots a very exciting game to play. Now let’s dig into the game’s main story and lore.

The game’s story

The story takes place in the year 2052 AD,  three years after the “Big Dismantle”. The Big Dismantle was a traumatizing event for the robots as humans destroyed millions of robots fearing a revolt from them. Fortunately, 10,000 robots manage to survive that event and go on to establish their resistance movement.

The goal of the robot resistance is to restore the robot factory so they can manufacture their brothers and sisters and continue the robot race. The robots carry out their operations in space. After years of wandering in the void of space, they settle down on a deserted planet called “Xoilium”.

Luckily for them, they found precious resources on this deserted planet. There are small amounts of Xoil (space oil) on the planet. Since the supplies are limited, the robot population divided itself into many small kingdoms. To this day, these robot kingdoms battle against each other for the limited Xoil reserves on the planet.

The robot kingdoms

There are thousands of robot kingdoms in the game. Each of these kingdoms was established by first-generation rebel bots. Each robot kingdom resides over a portion of land on the planet. As a player, you can get your hands on one of these lands if you pledge to protect the kingdom on behalf of the lord.

As an exchange, you get the right to pump the precious oil from the lord’s land.

The robot lords – the most precious NFT

The lords who rule over the kingdoms are the Generation 1 Rebel Bots from the Rebel Bots collection. These are the most expensive NFT in the game though they are not playable. They serve as the banner for your Kingdom. Not all lords are equal. The rarity rank of your lord determines how much of the in-game oil resources will be allocated to you.

The owner of these rebel bots will also receive a share of the revenue whenever the land is sold. Lords have the option of increasing their revenue by receiving royalties from Kingdom players whenever they use their land to extract Xoil. For every Xoil they generate from your land, they will give 4 percent royalty to the kingdom lord and a 6 percent royalty to the kingdom’s treasury.

The robot lands – the second most precious NFT

You can’t play the game without robot lands. They are the second most precious NFT in the game. You can buy the lands on the game’s website. Each land has a different vibe to it.

The robot army – the third most precious NFT

Fighting robots are the most prevalent NFT in the game. You can easily generate revenue by building your own fighting robots and selling them. Here’s your chance to showcase your team-building skills. In order to win robot battles, you need to construct a robust yet well-balanced robot army.

During a battle between two teams, there will be three fighting bots on each side. You can also employ these robots to collect game resources. Fighting bots are divided into three classes:

  • Military Bots – Offense units meant for battle
  • Industrial Bots – Defense units that can sustain a lot of hits
  • Engineer Bots – Support unit that repairs other bots


So that was an introduction to the basics of Rebel bots. Love the idea of the game? Then you should start playing the game from the official site.

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