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The Sandbox: How to play & Earn SAND Tokens

The Sandbox is one of the most popular NFT games at the moment. The reason is, this game has a crypto currency called SAND whose value continues to skyrocket significantly. The Sandbox is a decentralized video game that operates on the Ethereum (ETH) network.


This game has a virtual world that allows players to play and create games. As a decentralized community-driven virtual world, The Sandbox gives you the freedom to be creative. You can design, share, monetize and sell Non-fungible Token (NFT) assets. If you want to try this game and have these high-value assets, you should first read more about The Sandbox. Let’s check the details in this article.

The Sandbox: What is it?

Pixowl launched this decentralized game in 2011 and operates on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. It means that The Sandbox creates a decentralized platform for the gaming community by combining elements of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

This game, is a virtual metaverse and it allows you to create, build, buy and sell crypto assets in the form of games that are registered as NFT. Interesting, right? As a player, you can create NFT digital assets, upload them to the marketplace, and drag and drop them to create a gaming experience with The Sandbox Game Maker.

In addition to all that, The Sandbox has a cryptocurrency, SAND token. If you are a part of the NFT community, you know the value of SAND token has been sky-rocketing.  As of December 15, 2021, the price of 1 SAND is 5.10 USD according to or IDR 69,605.90 according to

The Sandbox Currency & NFT

Sandbox NFT
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The Sandbox ecosystem consists of three main integrated products. These are VoxEdit , Sandbox Marketplace , Sandbox Game Maker. Interestingly, you don’t need to have any specific coding knowledge to join this ecosystem. The virtual world of Sandbox uses blockchain and NFT technology to empower NFT players and creators. Through the use of NFT, you can get benefits and rewards from the following four sources:

  1. Digital asset ownership.
  2. Trading on the marketplace .
  3. Security.
  4. Cross-application interoperability.

The Sandbox Crypto

The Sandbox (SAND) price today (SAND to IDR) is IDR 68,586.57 with a market cap of IDR 63,098.21 B . The SAND price has experienced a -10.25% down in the last 24 hours.

Source: Businessinsider

On the other hand, the original Sandbox token (SAND) has strengthened by more than 600 percent since Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. In addition, the presence of more than 500 thousand registered wallets and 12 thousand virtual land owners on the platform makes SAND a promising investment.

How to buy SAND?

Before you decide to buy a Sandbox (SAND) on a crypto platform, you should make sure the security of the crypto asset trading platform. Find out if the platform is registered with the relevant regulatory body.

Also, given that crypto assets are volatile, be sure to do some thorough research before deciding to buy any crypto asset, including SAND. Don’t be lazy to monitor price developments, market trends, and various other supporting factors. This is important to prevent losses when buying or selling an asset.

So, as long as you choose a trusted and registered crypto asset trading platform, SAND is one of the best investments right now.

Download The Sandbox Now

Want to experience creating games and getting NFT assets at high selling prices? Look at this table to see minimum requirements.

Details The Sandbox
Developer Pixowl
  Min OS Android 4.0 or higher
Size 75MB
New version 1.99981

Here’s the download link for The Sandbox (SAND), you can download it via the table provided below.

Version Release Date Featured Features Download Link
1.99981 November 1, 2016 1. Play-to-Earn

2. Create & Own

Play Store

Official Site

How to Register?

Before you can make money at The Sandbox, you must first register and create an account. For the steps, please see the explanation below!

  1. Open the browser application and visit The Sandbox official website ( ).
  2. Click Sign Up . You can create an account with Google, Facebook, or the crypto wallet you use.
  3. Connect the crypto wallet with The Sandbox account.
  4. Congratulations! Your have successfully created an account.

Play The Sand Box

Try The Sandbox for yourself so that you can have the opportunity to reap as many The Sandbox SAND tokens as possible. Check out the steps below!

  • Login to The Sandbox using the account you just created.
  • To become a Land Owner or land owner, buy land by clicking Buy Land .
  • You will be directed to the OpenSea page. Find the land that you want to buy. Prices vary!
  • Return to the Alpha page.
  • On the main page, click the Alpha menu. Alpha is the first Play to Earn game on The Sandbox that gives you the opportunity to earn free SAND or NFT tokens.
  • Click Register to register. Keep in mind, only Land Owners can register with Alpha.
  • Click Market to buy assets, or click Create to create and monetize your own assets.

Earn Money in The Sandbox

As told above, this cryptocurrency- producing game has 3 components that you can use. The first is VoxEdit which is a place to create and animate 3D objects in the metaverse.

You can create objects such as people, animals, and more. These objects are called NFT assets with the ERC-11 token standard. Tokens can also be exchanged with The Sandbox NFT on a single smart contract .

Second, there is a game Marketplace , where users can publish and sell their assets after first uploading them to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

The third is the Game Maker which allows users to create 3D games for free. This game can also be a place for other players to play and build assets on their own land.

Game Features

As the most popular NFT game today, The Sandbox comes with a series of interesting features that make it even more amazing. What are the features? you ask. Here’s a review for you!

1. Play to Earn

With the play-to-earn concept present in this money-making game , you can play various games to get the SAND token with varying nominal.

Interestingly, there is also a daily event that will give you prizes in the form of SAND tokens or NFT assets which you can later use or resell through The Sandbox Market. Yes, More money!

2. Create & Own

Besides playing games and owning land, you can also create assets and games through The Sandbox. Later, the assets that you have created can be directly sold on the marketplace on the platform.

sandbox game maker
Source: Jalantikus

Once you sell an asset, you will get a LAND token and it will be sent directly to the crypto wallet that you connected when you first created your account. Pretty practical, right?

3. High Token Price

If you look at the predictions of the game and its development so far, the SAND token can be one of the most promising investment models because its price continues to creep up. You can create your own assets and sell them for SAND, or buy NFT assets and resell them when the SAND price is getting more expensive. Make profit many times over! Check the recent prices in the table below,

Details The Sandbox
Price Rp69,613.67
Rating 38
Market Cap Rp63,692,181,803,677.09
Price Change (24h) Rp30.63 (Up 0.48%)


You have read the review of The Sandbox, a game that can give you the opportunity to own NFT assets with token prices that continue to rise. Hopefully, you also learned about the SAND token and can now make a profitable investment choice. Good Luck!



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