Top 3 Upcoming NFT Games of 2022

These upcoming NFT games are for you if you want to earn some money simply by playing games. Thanks to NFTs you can now play games to earn money. Even if you are not a gamer, you can still trade and exchange in-game NFT assets or complete different in-game objectives to get cryptocurrency rewards. If you want more information about these games keep reading,

Polygonum: A Survival Simulation Game

Polygonum is a survival simulation NFT game where players can experience an online open world.

Polygonum DeFi game with crypto
Source: Coincu

About game

It is a DeFi crypto game which means it runs on blockchain and feature an exclusive market place. The in-game currency that you can is of two types. We have the governance token POG and we have Skill point (SP) token. Staking is the main feature of this game and you can choose to buy NFT boxes ranging from Bronze to Platinum.

The $POG token is manageable on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain ) and allows coin holders to join the game, trade in-game NFT assets and do much more. You can craft items in the game and mine them. You can also trade in the game market place freely with other players.

Game plan

The development team is working on smart contracts and building the NFT Marketplace. For Q1 of 2022, the game will get its alpha version and it will be a demo version for PC. Later in Q2 & Q3 of 2022 we will see further development of the game, reaching an official release on mobile later this year.

The game plan reaches Q2 of 2023, where the project team plans to release a browser version with virtual reality (VR) implementation by June 2023.

RaceFI: A racing NFT game 

RaceFI is one of the upcoming nft games. It is a racing game that allows users to own different parts of the game. Players win different components in the digital world of this game. The parts that a user own, they have to mint them first as NFTs. 

RaceFi Car Racing NFT
Source: Medium

About game

RaceFI is among the first games to run on the Solana blockchain with machine learning and AI algorithms. The game offers various modes for players to speed race and own digital assets in the game. The in-game currency is RACEFI token. 

Pure Race and Battle Race are the two main features of this game. Pure Race option allows the players to compete in two game modes. If they want to control their car during the race, they will select PvP (“Player vs. Player”) mode. Otherwise, there is an interesting option (PvE or “Player vs. Environment” mode) which allows the AI ​​system to manage the player’s car setup.

The racing game will change to a survival experience if a user selects the Battle Race feature. Once players upgrade their cars with shields, weapons, and other battle features, RaceFI will implement a new set of rules. There will be no time limit which will allow players to battle until there is only one left to win the competition.

Game plan

The game developers had completed a number of key steps in the fourth quarter of 2021. As a result, the project team plans to release the game by June 2022. The $RACEFI token will also be available to the public and will act as game key in this blockchain game. You will spend $RACEFI to get parts of the game as NFTs.

Battle of Guardians: Real-time fighting NFT 

Battle of Guardians is another Solana smart chain game coming in 2022. It offers a multiplayer platform and the game development is on the Unreal Engine. BOG is easily one of the most exciting of all the upcoming NFT games for the coming year. Each character in the game is an NFT, which can be leveled up by fighting other online players or NPCs (Non-Playable Characters).

Two Guardians up for combat in upcoming nft games
Source: SLN

About game

It’s not just the player avatars, you can mint a lot more in this upcoming NFT game. Players can obtain items during the game, enter the NFT market and sell them. The ambition of the project team is to create a virtual economy that lives longer in the world of NFT games. 

The game developers have designed a reward system to increase the NFT value.  If you lend your NFTs to another player, for example, you will receive a commission (or, instead, an interest rate). The game has an active Telegram community that you can join for the latest news on the project.

Game plan

The 2022 roadmap currently has four phases:

  1. Phase 1 – This is the current development phase. The project team is raising capital to launch its $BGS token, which will enable P2P transactions in the game.
  2. Phase 2 : The first NFT sale will be live, along with the PvE game mode. At this stage, the developers also plan to launch the NFT market.
  3. Phase 3 : PvP and Tournament modes will launch after completion. The first online season campaign will officially begin. 
  4. Phase 4 : Players will finally be able to access NFT rental and synthesis.

Upcoming NFT Games: My Pick

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer building game that combines the best of both worlds, an engaging experience for regular players and an ecosystem for NFT collectors and traders. 

 Upcoming NFT games: My Neighbor Alice
Source: Medium

About game

Players buy and own virtual parcels in the form of an NFT token from Alice or from the market. There is a shortage in the supply of available land, so prices fluctuate in the market. If you are an excellent landowner, you will unlock additional benefits throughout the game’s reputation system. In addition to land, players can purchase and use in-game assets such as houses, animals, plants, decorations, or cosmetic items for their avatar.

The main currency of the game is the Alice token, which can also be purchased on Binance. Alice tokens are used for in-game transactions, such as buying land, and specific DeFi services such as staking, collateralization, and buyback. 


No doubt the NFT gaming space will continue to grow and become more mainstream. The P2E format is becoming increasingly popular, reaching a new milestone in the level of engagement generated by blockchain technology in NFT games. Although, we have only featured four upcoming NFT games in this article but, check out our other article to read about more new NFT games that you can play. 

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