Top NFT Card Games to Play and Earn in 2022

Towards the middle of 2022 more and more people are looking for NFT card games. As a digital asset that can be traded, NFT seems to have a promising business opportunity to be explored.

The current NFT price continues to rise, providing an opportunity for investors to continue investing and with this positive trend, it is hoped that the price will continue to soar.

Now with NFT games, gamers can play and invest at the same time to earn money.

The following is a list of 5 NFT-based card games that you can play to collect various digital assets that can be traded as NFT.

JobTribes – one of the most popular NFT card games

jobtribes nft trading card games
Source: JalanTikus

Every card in JobTribes is a digital art registered as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The card is traded with DEAPcoin (DEP) tokens at an exchange rate of 1 DEP for IDR 414.66,

You don’t need sophisticated devices, you can access this game via PC, Tablet and even HP. You can play various modes such as Practice, PvP (Player vs Player), Story, to Quest.


splinterlands nft game 2022
Source: CoinQuora

Having 280 different cards all registered as NFT assets, the game is also known as the trade card game (TCG).

Sell ​​the rare cards you have and get Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) tokens, the exchange rate of 1 DEC is equivalent to 0.000343 US Dollar.


sorare nft
Source: Bitcoin News

For football lovers, Sorare can be the game of choice that will take you to the dream team you want. Every professional player’s card is an NFT asset.

Sorare is registered as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Sorare does not use NFT Crypto capital, aka free.

The NFT token in the game Sorare uses SOR tokens at a price of 1 SOR worth $97 USD.

Alien Worlds – one of the most popular strategy NFT card games

alien worlds best nft games
Source: Crypto Gaming Experts

In this game the player must make the right strategy with the help of various tools, weapons, and avatars and all of them can be traded as NFT assets.

This game uses a crypto called Trilium (TLM). One Trilium costs $77.46, and besides the battle mode you can use the quest mode to get Trilium coins.



Featuring an open-world RPG, Illuvium is on the Ethereum blockchain. The transaction uses Illuvium (ILV) tokens and the price of one ILV is 458.34 USD.

You can trade the collection of (Illuvial) monsters in this game as NFT in the Crypto market.

Illuvium is also a game without capital but players must be patient because this game will only be released in the first quarter of 2022.