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Wolf game NFT relaunch 2022

Wolf game: Hottest NFT game

Wolf game NFT is the new hot trend in the NFT market because it comes with on-chain protocol built on Etherium blockchain. This is a significant feature because usually players will avoid risky NFT and crypto trading as it is a fairly new trend.

Wolf game channels this risk factor in players. This play-to-earn asks you to take bigger risks to earn better rewards. It also stands out as the lone game which combines both NFT and DeFi (decentralized finance) for players. You can directly connect your MetaMask wallet to trade in-game tokens and more. Let’s learn more about this game,

Wolf Game NFT
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Wolf game NFT: Gameplay

The game works with two primary characters which are of, course the wolf and the sheep. You have to start minting these characters as soon as you start. The possibility to get a sheep to wolf is 90% to 10%.

  • The Wolf (10%)
  • The Sheep (90%)

You can read the whitepaper to get more technical information about the game. We are adding an excerpt here for you to get started,

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On a quaint farm in the metaverse, a flock of Sheep congregate and produce a healthy supply of $WOOL. They huddle together in a Barn and are sheared regularly by their owners to farm the $WOOL. With more $WOOL, the farmers can purchase more Sheep! But outside lurk dangers the Sheep are terrified of… The Wolves.

The Wolves are on the hunt for Sheep and their precious $WOOL. They’ll take it by any means necessary. They’ll kidnap Sheep or catch them unaware and steal all of their $WOOL. So the farmers struck a deal with the Wolves: they pay the Wolves a tax on all $WOOL production. In return, the Wolves don’t attack Sheep who are safe in the Barn. But when a Sheep leaves the farm or new Sheep are born… The Wolves don’t hold back.

So in-short, you will get a farm where you will grow the sheep to make $WOOL. You can also get $WOOL by shearing the sheep you grow. The more you mint the more dangerous and risky it gets. You need to keep your sheep inside the barn and keep paying tax to save your sheep and keep making $WOOL.

In-game currency

$WOOL is ERC-20 token and in-game cryptocurrency for this game. The game mechanics run through $WOOL and it is a precious resource. The current price of 1 $WOOL token is $0.3863 and it has increased 44.11% in the last 24hrs.


According to new the relaunch has an early 2022 schedule. You will experience the full features of the characters, land and farmers.

New update will only have 20,000 genesis land parcels. Gen 0, the players of first phase of Wolf game are in luck. The creator is generously giving half land to the Gen 0 sheep and wolves holders. Remaining half will go up for auction and the bid starts at 0.69420 ETH. You will also get a new farmer who can assist you in the game by burning 10,000 $WOOL.

Here’s what The Shepherd (Creator) said in his tweet,

The new Wolf Game will bring rich new opportunities to strategize and prosper, while greatly benefitting the original players of the game. To Gen 0 Sheep & Wolves: you rose from these lands, and they are yours on which to live, breed, produce, thieve, and prosper.”


If you were a dedicated NFT news reader, you must have an idea that Wolf game NFT did pretty good for itself in November 2021, when it first came out. The initial stats according to Yahoo news were,

The 10,000 NFTs were “stealth” dropped on Nov. 18 priced at 0.06942 ETH ($290) and quickly sold out. Minters had a 10% chance of getting a wolf, with the remainder being sheep.

The current floor price for a sheep is 3.3 ETH ($13.7K), and the cheapest wolf will set you back the princely sum of 8 ETH ($33K). The highest sale recorded so far was Wolf #2772 that changed hands for 20.5 ETH ($85K). The collection has notched up nearly 13,000 ETH in sales volume and is currently ranked #2 on OpenSea.

The ride soon turned bumpy after the users reported bugs in the game. There were major news of exploit all across different platforms. Several bugs were fixed but then more exploits kept surfacing and they had to shut it down. Many people came forward and dedicated their time for the game to make it better. Creators initially wanted to fix the bugs but then had to build the game for scratch.

Check out the full thread to get more information on the relaunch of wolf game.


If you are planning to invest into something different and interesting in the NFT scene, you should check out wolf game NFT. We also would like to wish the creators very best for the relaunch of the wolf game and we hope that it reaches new highs. Happy gaming everyone!


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