5 Best Streaming Camera For Higher Quality Video

Finding the best streaming camera is essential if you are planning to be a cool and famous streamer. The camera that you choose determines your visual quality.

The higher its resolution, the better your video. Additionally, your audiences will be more satisfied and get interested in a clear and high-resolution video, won’t they?

So this article will serve you with 5 options of the camera that you can use to improve your streaming potential. Find whichever suits you well here.

The List of The Best Streaming amera

The most popular camera to live stream is a webcam. It is compact, has good resolution, is affordable, and provides anything you want in terms of streaming.

Before you decide which one’s the best, you need to know the specs and the price. So you can consider, whether it’s worth buying or not. Here’s the list of the camera.

Logitech C925e Pro HD Webcam

Logitech C925e 1080p Business Webcam for Video Conferencing
Source: Logitech

The first best streaming camera goes to Logitech C925e Pro HD webcam. If you have known the quality of the Logitech C920 series, you won’t be amazed by the quality of this one.

But C925e has made some improvements toward this type. This camera tries to complete its features with a plug-and-play solution, and stereo dual omnidirectional built-in microphone.

With this webcam, you can create a full HD video. It’s not stopping there, Logitech C925e also features a 30 FPS frame rate which is able to adjust the low-light condition.

Do not worry about the price anyway. The price is still friendly with your pocket. So you can grab it fast. If you don’t need a 4K or 5x digital zoom feature, this will be the best option.

CameraLogitech C925e Pro HD Webcam
Frame Rate30 FPS
Video Resolution1080p
Installation TypeClip-on type
Estimated Price$74.99

The Best Razer Kiyo Streaming Camera

Gaming Camera for Streaming - Razer Kiyo Webcam
Source: Razer

Razer is going popular because of its gaming gear products that always catch the consumers. But now you can find the webcam from this brand.

If you are looking for a webcam with premium quality, this one is the best choice. It supports 720p resolutions in 60 FPS, and 1080p on 30 FPS. It continues to impress with a kind of ‘ring light’ on the camera to keep the lighting stable.

Razer Kiyo is one of the best streaming camera with its full manual camera control. So you can set it as free as you want. You will love this camera if you are really into a good image on your video. However, this camera does not have the capability of attaching a microphone.

CameraRazer Kiyo Webcam
Frame Rate60 FPS
Video ResolutionFull HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Installation TypeUSB
Estimated Price$61.61

Asus Republic of Gamers Eye Webcam

ROG Eye S | Gaming Streaming Kits|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global
Source: ROG Asus

The Asus ROG Eye Webcam comes with a face-recognition feature and wide dynamic range technology. This allows the camera to make sure that the most important part of your face can be exposed properly.

Not stopping there, the 60 FPS frame rate and its Full HD resolution can give you a clear and high-quality video. In addition to that, it will not burden your internet connection. So, do not worry that your viewers cannot access your video due to the unstable internet connection.

The Wdr technology and blue glass completed its features to prevent overexposure in backlit conditions and infrared light interference.

Aside from the excellent features, the Asus ROG eye webcam has a unique model compared to the previous ones. It’s slim and foldable. Very simple yet catchy.

CameraAsus Republic of Gamers Eye Webcam
Frame Rate60 FPS
Video Resolution1080 pixels
Installation TypeUSB
Estimated Price$79.99 – $84.40

Elgato Facecam: The Best Streaming Camera

Elgato FaceCam review: Truly made for streamers
Source: PC World

Elgato Facecam offers you excellent features on its camera. If you want to look fantastic on your video, this stuff is going to make it come true. Its eight-element prime lens gives you a very sharp image you could have seen.

Other than that, you need to spend more money to get this amazing streaming stuff. But although it’s a little pricey, you’ll be going to go for it if it really brings you everything you need, right?

The price really brings the quality. Besides the sharp image from Elgato, you can see the smooth capture as well.

CameraElgato Facecam
Frame Rate60 FPS
Video Resolution1080 pixels
Installation TypeUSB
Estimated Price$169.99

Another Best Streaming Camera: Unzano Webcam

Unzano HD Webcam 1080P for Streaming Webcam - Unzano : Flipkart.com
Source: Flipkart

A webcam that is completed with a great microphone is a combo solution for live streaming. And Unzano has it both. You can record the high-resolution video with the CSMO image sensor on it.

In addition to that, it also features a double microphone which helps you to filter any ambient noises such as keyboard sounds, or any unnecessary voice you don’t ever wish to be on your video.

You can get that excellent feature at a very affordable price. So, without sacrificing your money, you still can produce a pro-like streaming video. Want to try it?

CameraUnzano Webcam
Frame Rate30 FPS
Video Resolution1080 pixels
Installation TypeUSB
Estimated Price$37.49


It is a bit tricky to find the best streaming camera. But after all, you just have to know what’s actually you need for live streaming. Find a camera with the right specs to fulfill it. Then, combine it with the best streaming software for maximum results. Sometimes, spending a lot of money to get great stuff is worth trying. Have you decided which ones suit you well?

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