Facebook Gaming vs Twitch: A Comparison

Twitch has become the king of a streaming platform for many years. But recently, Facebook Gaming seems to get the same popularity as Twitch. Due to this, everyone is starting to compare Facebook Gaming vs Twitch and sometimes YouTube as well.

Basically, There are several similarities between these platforms. However, though some features may be similar, but doesn’t mean it’s equal. So, this article is going to break down the differences between Facebook Gaming and Twitch and decide which one deserves the top place as a streaming platform. Let’s just begin.

Facebook Gaming vs Twitch: The Content Format

Facebook Gaming vs Twitch
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The first thing that is worth discussing is the content types of both platforms. Twitch is certainly the best place to do or enjoy live streaming, either game streaming, live talk show, or anything.

Additionally, while users are enjoying or doing the live streaming, they can also do a live interaction.
But when it comes to Facebook Gaming, it has a similar content format as YouTube as it enables you to do live streaming or showcase the pre-recorded video.

Exposure Potential

Source: Streamers Playbook

In terms of exposure potential, it’s kinda hard to decide which can get more engagement between Facebook Gaming and Twitch. As previously mentioned, Twitch enables its streamers to do live interactions with their viewers. As a result, it can be a great strategy to increase engagement.

Then, the longer viewers watch streamers’ content, the more they understand and interact with them. And this is certainly advantageous to growing the channel. On the other hand, Facebook applied a different concept to Twitch.

There are fewer competitors in Facebook Gaming compared to Twitch. So, the new streamers have a big chance of easily being seen by their viewers. Aside from that, Facebook Gaming also maximize social media integration, such as Instagram. Thus, streamers can get more viewers easier by using this strategy.

Monetization System

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To be able to monetize your content, both Twitch and Facebook Gaming have certain requirements to fulfil. Twitch will let you earn money from your content once you’ve succeeded to be a part of Twitch Affiliate and Partner, which is quite tricky to achieve.

So that with Facebook Gaming. Facebook also allowed you to make money from your content if you already confirmed to be a part of the Level Up program and make a creator page.

Both sides’ requirements are not easy to achieve. Keep in mind that though you have met all the requirements to be a Twitch Affiliate, Twitch still can’t guarantee that you will soon be their Affiliate. So, it might be taking a lot of time and need extra effort to really get it.

But, once you’ve been able to make money from both platforms, Facebook Gaming will be more beneficial than Twitch. Why? It’s because Twitch will only pay out better if streamers have a massive following. Facebook meanwhile, is more friendly with the newcomers.

Mobile App Features

Facebook Gaming Vs Twitch Which Is Better
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Both Facebook Gaming and Twitch has mobile app feature. That means, people can access this platform through their phones. Users can start streaming, or simply enjoy the streams. Well, when it comes to Twitch mobile apps, it indeed provides its users with very complete features. However, it might have been too complicated to operate, especially for beginners.

To start streaming on Twitch using a phone is also required several steps to do, which is quite a taking time. Compared to Facebook, it shows a more friendly interface, which every beginner can easily access. Not only to enjoy the shows but to go live as well. The streaming button is located in a strategic position where everyone can see it easily.

More importantly, Facebook Gaming also offers a dark theme to increase convenience for its users, On the other side, Twitch doesn’t have it.

Facebook Gaming Vs Twitch Which Is Better?

It’s tough to determine which one is better when it comes to Facebook Gaming vs Twitch.
Just to keep in mind, if you are on the first step in growing your channel and increasing viewers, Facebook Gaming might be the perfect place for you.

It’s because the competitor is not as many as on Twitch. While on Twitch, you must be a little popular with thousands of followers to get a bigger chance of being seen.

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