Facebook gaming vs twitch: Which’s better?

It’s pretty clear that Twitch has come to dominate the world of video game streams. It is the biggest live streaming platform on the platform. For the longest time, it was the only big name in the business. But recently, other big platforms such as YouTube and Facebook have also joined the streaming business. Today, we are going to settle this, Facebook gaming vs Twitch: Which’s better?

In today’s article, we will look at both of these platforms and what they bring to fans. If you are a fan of either of those, do read this article.

Which is better? Facebook or Twitch?

If you are a new streamer, you might want to join Facebook gaming as it’s easier to grow your channel on Facebook gaming. Furthermore, streaming on Facebook gaming allows you to earn more revenue through subscriptions and affiliate deals. Twitch on the other hand has a larger viewer base and provides you with a diverse viewer community. Being the larger platform, you have more chances of growing on Twitch.

This makes Twitch a better platform for streamers. Now let’s compare some of the features that Facebook Gaming and Twitch provide.

Facebook gaming vs Twitch: Who has a better app?

Although both of these platforms have a dedicated mobile app, there are many differences between the two. Twitch’s mobile application has quite a bland layout with usual features such as sliders and primary sections for watching streams. It works well for gamers who want to watch streams.

Facebook Gaming app on the other hand is well designed and is user-friendly. This is understandable as Facebook is known for its user-friendly app layout and interface. It also has many other convenient features. You can stream directly from your phone. So Facebook definitely takes the cake when it comes to app design.

Facebook gaming vs Twitch: Analytical features

Analytical features allow you to know what goes around with your viewers. This helps you adjust your stream quality to accommodate more viewers. Now, Facebook Gaming’s analytical features are more effective and in-depth compared to Twitch’s built-in analytical features. You can check the data for the last 28 days using the Facebook Gaming insights page.

What features do you get from each?

Both platforms have some pros and cons when you think about them. Let’s compare the features of both of these platforms.

Twitch’s features

  • The largest streaming platform in the industry
  • Specifically built for game streamers
  • The largest community of fans and viewers
  • Built-in tools and pages for recording and streaming
  • Convenient extensions
  • You can receive donations from your fans and viewers

Twitch has many built-in features for streamers. It’s easy to understand why Twitch is dominating the streaming business for the most part. Now let’s look at the features Facebook Gaming provides you.

Facebook Gaming’s features

  • One of the most populated platforms with over a billion Facebook members
  • Access to paid advertisement opportunities through deals
  • Built-in sound collection for social media posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Owns Instagram
  • Allows videos on multiple topics just like YouTube

As you can see, while Facebook Gaming has many convenient features for streamers, they are not all specific to streaming. Furthermore, while Facebook is a larger platform, on the whole, Twitch takes the cake when it comes to the streaming fan base. For this reason, Twitch has an edge over Facebook gaming.


Facebook gaming and Twitch have their own pros and cons. However, when it comes to fanbase and opportunities for success, Twitch has quite an edge over Facebook. If you want to stream and generate revenue, you can go to Twitch for broadcasting your game videos.


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