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6 best snake games of 2022

Best snake games 2022

Snake games are the best among retro, arcade style games. Although, they can be slightly intimidating to beat, people still love playing them because of their simplicity and fun appeal. Snake games have always been relevant for all ages and times. They never get boring or grow old in fact, they have aged quite nicely if I would say so myself.

They are available on almost every single device and across every single platform. I am sure none of you use a Nokia 3000 anymore but, if you do you can play it there too. Snake games are the best, most easily accessible and fun games out there. Here we have made a list of 6 best snake games of 2022, we also have a some surprising mentions at the end so keep on reading,

List of best snake games 2022

  • Classic Snake game
  • Bobo Snake
  • Snake Rattle’n’Roll
  • Snake Classics
  • Pizza Snake

Classic snake game

Let’s kick off with an all time favorite, the classic snake game. You can play it on any phone with any iOS. This game is full of nostalgia and fun each time you play it. The tunes used in the game are retro and the style very basic but it does the job.

You can control the snake by touching your screen. The movements are generally up, down, right and left. There’s no boundary so the snake will teleport. It will go to the left side when it reaches the end of right side and it does the same for up and down.

The snake grows bigger as the length increases when you touch each red square on the screen. Each square will become a part of snake’s body. There are generally five levels of the game with increasing difficulty. You can try it for yourself now!

classic snake game
Source: Medium

Bobo Snake

This game is a timeless classic as it combines the fun of a snake games and brings it to us on a pool table backdrop. How cool is that? You can easily find and play it on your desktop. When the game starts you will see two balls, one still and one moving.

In order to make a snake, you will move the first ball and eat the second, then third and so on. You will now see a ball chain moving across a really fun backdrop. Enjoy!

Bobo Snake | Novel Games
Source: Novel Games

Snake Rattle’n’Roll

This was the best snake game released on Nintendo. It is an 3d action, adventure platformer. The twist is that you can play with not one but two snakes. Their names are Rattle and Roll. The game design is 3d and there are many isometric levels that you can enjoy in it.
This game is a little more complicated than others but it is just as fun. The music is captivating and levels are addicting because they get difficult as you proceed. There are 11 levels in total and you have to guide your snakes through each one of them. You can also try it on desktop. Check out more and try the game by clicking this link here. Enjoy!

Snake Ratt'n'Roll Gameplay
Source: YouTube

Snake classics

This game is for fruit lovers like you and me. Our cute snake friend is a little green guy who loves fruits by the looks of it. You crawl your way in a beautiful, grassy garden like backdrop to find yourself fruits like lemons, strawberries and apples. You eat them to grow all healthy and happy. It is a cute remake of the classic snake arcade and children would love to play it.

Snake classics
Cute snake game is a different and essential experience in terms of snake games. It is multiplayer, online smash-hit and it is available across iOS, Android, Windows and you can access it through your web browser.

In the game, you are a worm or dare I say, a snake for the day and your job is to grow bigger than everyone else around you. For that you get to eat colorful pellets and the source of these pellets is other players. If you do not have a competitive nature then you can try only eating the pellets that naturally spawn on the map but remember, other players can take them too. app for Android
Source: Apk Pure

Pizza Snake

Well, we have covered all the good old classics let’s look at something new and fun now, shall we? I came across this really fun snake game for Android. It is for all the modern, gen z kids out there who love their pizzas. Everything is the same except the food that the our lazy snake friend eats to grow is from an all you can eat pizza.

Pizza Snake- The best snake game
Source: Pizzasnake

Special mentions

We know this article is about the best snake games of 2022 but we are adding some arcade classics because without these this article would be incomplete. Here, take a look:


It would not be wrong to say that Pac-Man is a phenomenon, a feeling and a blast of nostalgia. Pac-Man is a circle monster with a snappy face that eats tiny dots. The concept definitely comes from the snake games but Pac-man offers so much more with 256 retro-neon style levels. It is a beautiful game you definitely should play if you have not already. You can simply google Pac-man and start playing it then and there.

Pacman - Play Game Instantly!

It is a stunning and colorful game made by a Brazillian developer. The concept is simple. You are a cultured colony in a petri dish and you have to eat the others in order to be the lone, gigantic piece remaining. Check it out here.


agario play store


Hope you enjoyed reading about these games as much as I enjoyed writing about these. If you play arcade games then let us know which one is your favorite and if you love any of the ones mentioned above. Happy Gaming!


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