The Last of Us Remake Gameplay Review

The Last of Us remake evokes some nostalgic memories to some people. In this article, we’ll be covering about the gameplay about this game.

Gamers are probably familiar with the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Since the percentage of the stories were wrapped in cinematics with the quality of a popular film or TV series, this action adventure game developed by Naughty Dog managed to capture the attention of gamers and many parties in the video game industry.

The game, which was first released on the PS3 platform on June 14, 2013, offers a new experience for gamers in which a video game is not only given a mission and then simply completes it, but also players are brought to feel the moment in the story that is very strong for a video game standard. in time. Despite the fact that such games existed

On September 2, 2022, developer Naughty Dog has just released the game The Last of Us Part I (2022) which is touted as a remake of the original and remastered versions. TLoU 2022 is a rebuild from the previous version in which Naughty Dog improves gameplay features, particularly graphics. This is the main course that gamers can enjoy, whether they have previously played TLoU or are new to the game.

The Last of Us Part I Remake Review

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On this occasion, we will provide a review of The Last of Us Part I Remake, which was released on the PS5 platform on September 2, 2022. We’d like to thank Sony and Naughty Dog for providing us with the opportunity to play The Last of Us Part I Remake.

This review is based on the author’s personal experience with the game from beginning to end. You don’t have to be concerned if you’ve never played this game before. Keep in mind that this review is free of spoilers, from the story’s content to the plot twist, which is popular among fans.

Let’s just start discussing the review of The Last of Us Part I Remake!

The Last of Us Remake Story

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The Last of Us Part I Remake continues the adventures of Joel and Ellie in carrying out a task in a post-chaos world caused by the spread of a mutant mushroom epidemic called Cordyceps in the United States 20 years ago. The plague paralyzed various sectors to the point where residents had to survive mutated monsters infected by the fungal plague and even other humans who formed their own stronghold and some of them began to cause chaos.

This game will take you on Joel and Ellie’s adventures in the main story of TLoU, which is quite lengthy. The remake also includes a Left Behind story focusing on Ellie’s adventures with her friends prior to meeting Joel after the outbreak in the United States.

The story in The Last of Us Part I Remake is an exciting experience for new players that can take them to explore every character, from Joel to Ellie and many more. Players who have previously played this game, on the other hand, may experience boredom. However, for fans of the TLoU franchise, this is not a problem because Naughty Dog’s games always present a story that can make their emotions go up and down.

The Last of Us Remake Gameplay

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As I previously stated, Naughty Dog improves the gameplay features of The Last of Us Part I Remake. This boost will be noticeable when you face enemies or Clicker monsters. One of them is the aim system, which now feels smoother even when your character’s or weapon’s abilities haven’t been upgraded at all. Furthermore, melee combat interactions are more flexible, approaching the flexibility found in TLoU 2, while not removing the features found in the previous version of the first game.

Aside from the gameplay features for dealing with opponents, the developers have made other improvements to this game that I can’t explain one by one. When you play The Last of Us Part I Remake, you can feel the experience for yourself. The gameplay features in this game can be attributed to the advancement of Naughty Dog’s technology in the game The Last of Us Part 2. As a result, the developers make their best improvements in terms of gameplay in the game for both new and old players.

But, unfortunately, the cover system in this game is a little annoying for me. If there is a cover system behind walls or piles in general games, the game will provide button features such as X or others to completely avoid enemy views. However, the cover system in this game is limited to you moving characters on walls or piles. This makes me uneasy and makes me wonder if the character is truly hiding or just doing Crouch behind a wall or a pile.


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Concerning the graphic of The Last of Us Part I Remake, I believe there is no reason to doubt it. The graphic enhancements in The Last of Us Part I Remake range from views of locations, buildings, platforms, and even the character models in this game have been improved to look more realistic.

Furthermore, Naughty Dog developed a mode called Fidelity Mode, which provides an increase in graphic quality that can be realized on the PS5 console.

Ada opsi Fitur Fidelity Mode dan Performance Mode yang bisa kalian pilih untuk memilih kualitas grafis ketika bermain

This mode can generate high-quality graphics at 4K resolution and 30 frames per second. Aside from Fidelity Mode, there is also a Performance Mode that focuses on game performance and can achieve framerates of up to 60 FPS with balanced resolution quality. You can select the game’s quality using these two features.

The Photo Mode feature has also been improved as a result of this incredible graphic scene. You can capture a variety of interesting and epic moments while experimenting with various photo enhancement options such as filters, lighting settings, and more.

The Last of Us Remake New Feature & Extra Content

“What are the new features in The Last of Us Part I Remake game?” some of you may be wondering. Here are some of the new features and extra content available in The Last of Us Part I Remake:

New Game Mode

The Last of Us I Remake introduces two new options as well as a challenging mode for players looking for a new gaming experience. One of them is Permadeath Mode, a mode feature in which players die permanently if their character dies. When this occurs, the game will reset and the player will have to restart from the beginning of the story.

This mode has several basic settings from which players can choose, such as whether they want to replay the game from the beginning of the story Act or the beginning of the chapter. You will not be able to save automatically or manually in Permadeath Mode. Exit the game via the menu or immediately turn off the game, which will be marked as “dead” later.

Then there’s Speedrun Mode, which is obviously designed for speedrunners. This Speedrun mode will make it easier for Speedrunners to race to see who can finish The Last of Us Part I Remake in the shortest amount of time. Of course, the time record can be submitted, and you can “fight mechanics” with the records of other players.

Accessibility Options

Naughty Dog provides several Accessibility Options for players in order to provide the best service possible. Some of these features have a direct impact on gameplay settings, while others are designed for players with specific conditions, such as those who are deaf.

Here are some of The Last of Us’ Accessibility Options features:

  1. Alternate Controls
  2. Combat Accessibility
  3. Magnification and Visual Aids
  4. Motion Sickness
  5. Navigation and Traversal
  6. Screen Reader and Audio Cues

Difficulty Customization

In addition to the Accessibility Options feature for players, The Last of Us 2022 includes a Difficulty Customization feature where you can adjust various things. Here are some of the customizations available in The Last of Us I Remake game:

  • Challenge difficulty meliputi Very Light, Light, Moderate, Hard, Survivor and Grounded
  • Player resiliency
  • Enemy resiliency
  • Ally aggression
  • Stealth efficacy
  • Resource availability


Perhaps you believe that the latest version of The Last of Us Part 1 will be a mediocre game. That’s because the game has been released three times (Original, Remastered, and Remake) with the same overall story and gameplay. Based on the video trailer released by Naughty Dog to demonstrate the superiority of this game to the public, many gamers believe The Last of Us Part 1 Remake has few changes aside from graphics. Is it really that bad?

The Last of Us I Part 1 Remake is still an exciting and tense experience in which you face Clicker monsters and other Survivors. Even if you’ve already played the previous version of The Last of Us, the fun is still there. The Last of Us Part I Remake is more focused on providing their best service in this game for players with the increase in features, gameplay, and features that are intended for players such as gamers with hearing impairments.

Don’t overlook the graphical enhancements and options available in this game. If you thought the previous version of The Last of Us was good and beautiful at the time, you’ll be surprised by the remake because the number of views has increased dramatically and surprised you. Some locations and character models have even undergone minor changes and improvements to appear more realistic.

As a result, The Last of Us Part I Remake is an exciting game that you can play now for both new and old players. With numerous improvements to gameplay features and graphics, this game is ideal for returning to the world of The Last Us Part I.


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