The Best Minecraft Hunger Games Server 2022

Minecraft Hunger Games server is coming to provide every die-hard fan with the survival-based game. Inspired by the best-selling Hunger Games novel, Minecraft Hunger Games applied a battle royale style for its game mode, which can be predicted where this game is going to take you. 

The goal is to compete against other players and remain alive until the end. In order to be the last man standing, you’ll need to gather resources as many as possible, and beat up your opponents. Typical, right?

Additionally, there are some servers that allow you to play this Hunger Games-mode Minecraft with different twist. Each server has its own style in which they’ll add some unique features through new concepts, maps, fresh mechanics, and items. Other than that, every server also has active community which you can join every time you want to. Let’s explore the best Minecraft Hunger Game server and start enjoying the game!

7. LemonCloud

Trying to find the best server which got a high rating from their players? We got you. Join the LemonCloud server and feel the challenging atmosphere here.

LemonCloud provides you with various awesome game modes. There are Skyblock, Skywar, KitPvP, OP Prison, OP Factions, Creative, Factions, and Survival. If you are a person who likes to have many options to choose from, this could be your thing. Additionally, you can join this server for free.

Currently, they have 287 out of 288 players. You can go and fill the last slot then.

6. AppleCraft

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Source: GameSkinny

The next server that will be on the next line is AppleCraft. Being online for 6 years has made this server has attracted great communities.

AppleCraft offers you towns, player shops, custom items, and events within the game. They also put in a big effort to prevent you from getting bored by releasing vote crates every month.

In addition to that, it also provides Mini-Games and other exciting things which are ready to try on. This will be really amazing. Do give it a shot!

5. ManaCube

This premium Minecraft network got established in 2013. Until today, the community is constantly making updates to their gameplay. It aims to provides regular refreshments for players, so they’ll not easily get bored.

When it comes to the features, there are several unique things you will only find here, such as Survival Prison, KitPvP Skyblock, Parkour Creative, and lastly, Factions Islands. These incredible features will definitely give you different gaming experiences.

What’s more enthralling is ManaCube has been actively holding weekly global tournaments or events. This will not only allow you to improve your skill but also to make friends with other players. This is going to be fun, ain’t it?

4. HiveMC

Best Minecraft Hunger Games Servers in 2022
Source: Thewhistle

Another popular Minecraft Hunger Games server is HiveMC. If you want to experience the classic-vibe game mode, you better join this server.

Unlike the previous servers, HiveMC prefers to implement classic features which exclusively exist in this server. They have cache cows, a custom hunger system, and loot drops within the game.

For you who want to enjoy this unique gameplay, this server is for you. Just hold on as long as possible, and be the winner of the game!

3. Mineplex IP: One of The Most Popular Hunger Games Minecraft Servers

One of the most popular Minecraft servers is Mineplex IP. This server basically offers various game modes, including the Hunger Games. Due to its popularity, no wonder this server has thousands of players. This huge amount of players will make it easier to find game matches.

The unique feature of this server is, it offers kits that will be massively advantageous for some players. To be able to purchase these kits, you’ll need to use Mineplex’s universal gems currency which can be obtained by playing games on the network.

Despite being so beneficial, but doesn’t mean it is an attraction for everyone. Especially for newcomers in the Mineplex network that still lack of gems, they will be unable to afford suitable kits.

2. MC-Central

MC-Central has really customized their game mode in contrast to other servers. Based on The Hunger Game concept, the game mode is supposed to be a solo survival game. But MC-Central makes it as a teamwork game instead.

The objective is no longer to be the last man standing. Work with other players, form a team, and defeat the opposition. As your team grows, your chances of winning also increase. Interesting, isn’t it? 

1. Hypixel: The Best Minecraft Hunger Games Server

best minecraft hunger games server
Source: Planet Minecraft

Hypixel is the Minecraft Hunger Games server that deserve to be on top of the list. As the biggest server of Minecraft Hunger Games, Hypixel has its own game mode. They call it as Blitz Survival Game.

The interesting part of this game mode is that a “Blitz Star” is an item. This item will appear randomly in the game. According to Hypixel’s rule, whoever finds this Blitz Star can unlock the special Blitz Attack.

This epic concept game mode has attracted a lot of players out there. Curious about it too? Pack your bag and find the Blitz Star there now.


Minecraft Hunger Games server has been growing a lot recently, with each server bringing its own creative side and unique play styles to provide their beloved players an entertaining environment. Anyway, don’t keep the epic moment of the game all to yourself. Let anyone see and feel the same vibe by recording your gameplay and sharing it on your socials.

Besides recording your gameplay in your favorite Hunger Games server, showing-off your way to perform some tricks in the game is gonna be super dope! One of the must-try tricks is Lapis Lazuli Diamond trick that you can check here: Easy Minecraft Lapis Lazuli Diamond Trick to Farm Diamonds.

So, which one is your favorite server? Make your choice, prepare to battle and win. Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor. 


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