Athenascope Reviews And All You Need To Know

Many people are curious with Athenascope reviews. Athena has become a necessary thing for some people since it can capture the best gaming moments and help the users to show it to others.

Found in 2018, Athenascope has become one of the most interesting tools for many gamers. It comes with many features that allow you to clip your video and give it an automatic editing process. Let’s get to know more about it.

About Athenascope App and Service

Athenascope, Effortless Gaming Highlights

Athena platform was starting to build in 2018 by the co-creator of the first 3D MMO, Xfire and Meridian 59. Based in Mountain View, California, Athena has big dreams to give convenience service to all the gamers around the world by making automatic video clippers.

As mentioned above, Athenascope is a tool that allows you to automatically highlight your video. Thus, you can save each part of your gaming video that you like effortlessly. How is it actually happen? It’s because Athena has used an AI to help them automatically analyze the gameplay and compel several gaming moments.

You can choose your preferred editing method here, either manually or automatically. You can do both! Furthermore, this platform is accessible not just through a PC, but through a mobile phone as well. This means it provides you with a very handy help in terms of gaming stuff.

The Athenascope Features Reviews

According to the comments about Athenascopes review on its official social media such as Twitter or Instagram, we can conclude several features that make this platform special. So without further ado, just read the article and find out what you can get from Athenascopes.

Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One thing that makes this tool powerful is the AI that is used in its system. It can help you to do your stuff regarding video highlights easily. It will analyze the video and plan to clip the highlights you’d love to have.

One of The Athenascope Reviews: Friendly Interface

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Other than that, the most important thing that should exist on every app or service is the friendly interface. It will really help the users to use the tool easily. Remember that easiness and simplicity is sometimes the key to a success. Like what Athenascope has provided to its users.

No need for complicated directions, the users can grab what they need in terms of capturing the great footage of the video.

Auto Editing and Clipping

Athenascope reviews
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Athena eliminated the need to manually record and edit users’ clips. Furthermore, all you have to do when using this tool is to sit back and let the system handle everything. Athena is also able to import your video from Twitch.

You’ll automatically get the nice clips from your streaming video, and the more interesting thing is, that you don’t need to edit it manually as well. The cropping, trimming, and other editing stuff are all done by this wonderful tool.

Weekly showcase

Athena reviews
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Aside from all the useful features above, Athena also provides you with a weekly showcase. It was made to show your best playing moment every week. In other words, not only will you get the work done here, but you will also be entertained.

Multiple access

Athena scopes
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An added benefit of this tool is that you can access it both from your PC and mobile phone. The mobile app version of Athena allows users to stay in touch with the service. So, wherever you’d go, you still can get done your highlights with minimum effort.

Besides Athenascope Reviews: Find The Alternatives

Source: Eklipse

Apart from all the good reviews and features, it has to fondle the users, however, this great platform sadly announced to be shut off soon. Exactly on March 30th 2022, they have clearly stated to stop its highlights creation feature. Therefore, you are no longer be able to access auto/manual import or other editing things.

Athena, however, has been very generous in allowing its users to download the video clips they have made on this platform no longer than April 5th 2022. After that dateline, the website will be unavailable to access.

But do not worry because Athena is not the only highlight creator that can help you clip your best gaming moment. You can find other same tools out there which is as good as them, like Eklipse.

Generated with A.I as well, Eklipse can make your dream come true to have the greatest highlights from your streaming seamless and effortlessly. If you are curious about Eklipse and want to know more about it, just read our previous articles about it.


Athenascope reviews summarize what people think about this platform. This is a super useful, easy, and interesting tool to produce good clips while you are streaming. Other than that, we have to say goodbye to this amazing tool. See you, and good luck!

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