Best Gaming Chair Under $100

Did you just splurge on a next-gen console or graphics card? Are you looking for a cool gaming chair under $100? Well, we got you! The secret to choosing a good, cheap gaming chair is realizing that you won’t be using it for very long.

You should choose a gaming chair that costs less than $100. It should act as a stopgap measure until you can save up for a higher-quality one. At the same time you can look for task or office chairs too if you are not looking for a gaming chair specifically.

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So here’s a list of a few gaming chairs under $100 for you to consider:

VITESSE Ergonomic Gaming Chair under $100

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For gaming chairs under $100, The VITESSE Ergonomic Gaming Chair has a lot going for it, including a reasonable price and the fact that it’s comfortable even for gamers with bigger frames. It’s simple to put together, has a rocking feature, and can spin around like any good rolling chair. Value-wise, the VITESSE Ergonomic Gaming Chair can’t be beaten.

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ANSUIT Gaming Chair

The ANSUIT Gaming Chair stands out from the crowd since it has a footrest and other features for gaming chairs under $100. The included lumbar and neck cushions soften the chair’s rigid structure. The chair can tilt and swivel, as is customary for today’s gaming seats. The ANSUIT Gaming Chair’s unique selling feature is its built-in footrest.

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MUZII Computer Gaming Chair under 100$

Best gaming chair under $100 for kids
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For those who want a more compact gaming chair, the MUZII Gaming Computer Chair is an excellent option. It also comes in lots of different colors. This kid-friendly chair costs less than a hundred dollars, but its worth is increased because it is waterproof and simple to clean.

Two slots on the rear provide a convenient route for cable management, keeping cords out of the way of the armrests and keeping headphones or microphones within easy reach. Those just getting into video gaming can benefit greatly from the MUZII Gaming Computer Chair.

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Homall Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair Homall
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This attractive chair seems like it could easily be mistaken for a model that sells for three times as much. It’s sturdy and supportive, with a robust steel frame with a detachable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion for added comfort.

The Homall Gaming Chair isn’t perfect in terms of ergonomics for $100 chairs, but it does a decent job, excluding the lack of fully adjustable armrests. The seat is padded with a form-retaining sponge that springs back to its original shape after use and wears slowly over time. That’s not a bad chair, especially for a gamer.

SMUGDESK Ergonomic Desk Chair

Smugdesk ergonomic chair
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This desk chair a rolling swivel chair that is ideal for both the home and office use. The design is sleek with steel wheels that provide a sturdy seating. It has an adjustable backrest and offers 360-degree swivel rotation.

It has integrated lumbar cushion offering extra padding to help prevent any injuries and reduce stress. The chair has rocking mode for increased relaxation. Mesh back surface of the chair allows air to pass through and keep you cool.

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For what they are worth, the chairs in this list have pretty impressive features. Sure you can get more by spending a little more, but if $100 is all you have, you have to make them count. All of these chairs are comparable in price, you just have to check which one suits your need best. For more similar reviews stay tuned to our blog. Happy gaming!

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