Best Streamlabs OBS settings for PC

best pbs settings for a low end pc
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Let’s say you want to stream but don’t want to upgrade your current setup for streaming. This is entirely possible. If you don’t want to spend bucks on a new streaming setup, you’ll have to make some changes to your current streamlabs obs settings. Today, I will recommend to you the best Streamlabs OBS settings for low-end pc.

Best streamlabs obs settings

Follow these steps to adjust your obs for your low-end pc.

1.2 Video adjustments

To improve your video settings for a low-end setup, you need to deal with the Base Canvas resolution. You can set your resolution to 1280×720 so it fits your streaming setup. This resolution ensures that the stream runs smoothly on OBS. You can also test with different settings to figure out the right streaming setting for you.

Once that’s sorted out, you can move on to the Output Scaled Resolution. You want to set this to 1280×720. This will give your viewers the best viewing experience. If you find that the footage is lagging, you can try to move the setting down. After that, adjust the Downscale Filter. You can select Bilinear if you don’t plan on scaling between the base and output canvas. If you want to scale from 1080p to 780p then try the bicubic setting.

You can leave your FPS type at 30.

2. Output adjustments

You can either stream from your CPU or your GPU. This depends on whether your card has better performance than your pc. For option 1, you can start from 1280×720 and reduce it if you have problems maintaining quality.

For option 2, use a bitrate of 2500 and a resolution of 1280×720.

Suggestions to optimize OBS settings

Additionally, here are a few other settings to optimize your audio and video streaming:

Ultra-Low DefinitionLow DefinitionStandard DefinitionHigh DefinitionFull High Definition
Video Bitrate (kbps)350350 – 800800 – 12001200 – 19001900 – 4500
Resolution Width (px)42664085412801920
Resolution Height (px)2403604807201080
H.264 ProfileMainMainHighHighHigh
Audio Bitrate (kbps)6464128256256
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So these were some of the best OBS settings that you can use for a smooth stream on your low end pc setup. You can check out more obs related content on our blog.

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