Create stunning video game highlights for a montage

Montages are one of the most awesome sessions in videos and films. When it comes to gaming, montages provide you the opportunity to do something really creative with your editing skills. Gaming fans love watching creators show off their skills and tactics in gaming. So why not use this opportunity to create a montage of your best moments? Here’s a guide on how to create stunning video game highlights for a montage using Eklipse.

Even if it’s your first time creating a montage, you will benefit a lot from this guide. You will be able to create stunning montage videos in no time! Also, you can make montages on any topic. For instance, video game glitches, funny moments during your game, or even gaming fails. So without further ado, let’s start our guide.

What is a montage video?

A montage video is basically a collection of different clips that you join together to make a whole video. In the context of gaming, you basically piece together different highlights of your gaming to tell a unified story.

What is Eklipse?

Eklipse is basically an AI tool that helps you create your gaming highlights when you are streaming. You don’t have to do anything as the algorithm automatically selects and creates clips from your gaming streams. With Eklipse, you can easily create clips for your montage video. Other than that, Eklipse is also a very good editing tool. You can easily create an aesthetic-looking and professional video using Eklipse.

How to create a montage video?

As discussed above, you have so many options when it comes to choosing the topic of your montage video. Though, you should also focus on the pacing of the montage video. You can make it a mashup of random clips or have an overarching story to the montage video. Keep reading to know more about gaming montages.

1. Decide your pacing for the montage

When you have so much gameplay footage and clips, it can become hard to determine the pacing for your montage. The solution? Decide the type of your gaming montage. This will help you pick the relevant clips for the montage. As for the placement of the clips within the montage, you can go in ascending order.

Place the clips that are the most epic/funny at the last of the video. This will make viewers keep watching the video until the end. You don’t even have to select random clips. What if you made a challenge video such as building a specific structure in Minecraft? You can then cut the building process into clips and add them in a montage.

2. Record your gameplay footage

Now it’s time to record your gameplay footage and turn them into clips. Eklipse is the best tool for this process. With Eklipse, you can create these clips during your streams. Eklipse automatically generates clips of your best highlights due to advanced AI. Here’s how you can turn your gameplay footage into highlight clips:

  1. Connect your account with Eklipse – To connect your account with Eklipse, you can simply start by registering with your email address. After you have joined, click the switch-shaped option. This will take you to your connection status. You can connect your Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook gaming account with Eklipse.
  2. Select the streams – Now go to your stream library. You will have options to select All Streams or Processed, In Progress, and Unclipped streams. To create a highlight video, pick an unclipped stream and allow it to process.
  3. Wait for the AI to do the magic – The AI will automatically verify the game you have been streaming on your channel. Next, it will find the best moments from your stream and make edited clips. Once the AI has finished editing and clipping all the best moments, it will send you a notification.  

And you’re all done! Now you can compile all the clips into a montage.

3. Assemble the highlights

Follow these steps to assemble the clips together:

  1. Select the clips you want to add to your montage.
  2. You can now drag them to position them on the video.

Now proceed with the editing.

4. Edit the assembled montage video

This is one of the most crucial aspects of making a montage video. You want each clip to have a smooth transition to it before it moves on to the next clip. These instructions will help you do some top-notch editing for your montage video:

  1. Select the plus icon to add text to your clips.
  2. Use the trim tool to adjust the length of your clips. This is recommended as some clips might be too long for the montage. You also need to keep everything relevant and according to the pace of the montage.
  3. You can also add music that matches the theme of your montage. This is a crucial step because it helps you set the tone of your montage video. You decide when the music starts playing. This is a pro editing habit that you should practice.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the editing of the video, you can go ahead and save your project.

Watch the gaming montage to confirm everything is nice and aesthetic. After that, you can upload the footage to any platform you like.

Additional tips for making a gaming montage

Here are some additional tips for making your gaming montage look professional, engaging, and aesthetic:

  1. Always add smooth transitions between clips. This gives your video a professional look.
  2. Add relevant music that matches the tone of your overall montage. You can switch to a different track in the middle of the montage if you think there is a shift of tone there.
  3. Change the color of some of the clips to show a change in tone and story. A pro editor will use all the tools available to him to tell a compelling story.


So that’s how you can create stunning video game highlights for a montage using Eklipse. Always choose your topic beforehand and review your edited footage before posting it.

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