12 Pro Tips to Get More Viewers on Twitch

Starting online streaming on Twitch is always challenging, but maintaining a consistent audience is another story. Many aspiring streamers find it challenging to get the views, for this, we have prepared this list on how to get more viewers on twitch organically. 

How to get more viewers on twitch
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In this article, we will share these pro tips for gaining viewers on your Twitch stream and increasing your average viewership. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Tips on How to Get More Viewers on Twitch

We have gathered these 10 expert tips you can practice to increase your viewers on Twitch. Following is the list you can follow if you are interested in how to get more followers and viewers on twitch

  1. Ask your friends and family to view by inviting them: The most easy and simplest way to start gaining views is by inviting your friends and family and encouraging them further to invite their friends. Moreover, when you gain organic viewers encourage them to invite others. 
  2. Filter out games with fewer channels yet enjoy a huge number of viewers
  3. Collaborate with other streamers: Visit other gamers/streamers’ on their channels and try to strike a conversation. Don’t be unprofessional or make fun of them, instead appreciate them. Do it time-to-time and become friends with your fellow live streamer as well as a part of their community. Be an active member of a stream team. This way you will get the answer to how to get more viewers on twitch from the targeted audienceCheck out this video!
  4. Maintain a routine: Be consistent with posting content and your posting time. Your video quality matters and so does to be consistent over daily posting. Try to stream 3-4 times a week. Patience is also very important you cannot expect to become a famous streamer overnight! By following the right tips you will eventually learn how to get more average views on twitch.
  5. Run a Campaign: Use Facebook groups, Twitter, and Instagram stories. Answer user queries over at Reddit. For example how to get more views on twitch? how to live-stream? etc. Join gaming fandoms on other platforms and don’t over-promote yourself. A pro tip is to make trendy TikTok focusing on key gaming skills. Moreover, add TTV to the gaming handle.
  6.  Integrate your YouTube channel: It’s good to attach your Twitch channel link to your YouTube channel and vice versa and mention your channel in your YouTube stream from time to time. This way you can convert your YouTube viewers to Twitch and learn how to get more live viewers on twitch
  7. Play like no one is watching you: Enjoy your game naturally without worrying about views. You like to communicate while playing games, then communicate, you like to shout, then shout you like to make certain faces, make them —just be yourself. This will help you to be original while streaming. 
  8. Always Use Catchy Stream Title:  Top streams get visitors, gain new followers, and even their channel gets stalked just because viewers find their titles intriguing, catchy, funny. Moreover, questions in the title raise viewers’ curiosity and lead them to click over the stream. This way you will learn how to get more than 0 viewers on twitch
  9. Hold sweepstakes: In simple words hold giveaways from time to time. This involves giving them free stuff or cash in return for making, let’s say, 5 of their friends follow you or share your channel over their profile. These strategies trigger twitch bots to pick your channel as very engaging and optimize your channel. Significantly, this results in your channel leading the top. 
  10. Use a clipping software: You can use clipping tools and software to make highlights from your live-stream. Eklipse is a free highlight generating tool that you can use to make highlights. It is not even the best part because you can also get an exciting weekly montage or you can convert your highlights to tiktok videos. Share your game highlights on your socials and gain more viewers faster than ever!

Just like the useful tips you also need not to do some things to keep gaining followers and to stay on top of your game!

Don’ts for getting more Twitch views

Steaming to get more followers on Twitch

Try not to copy anyone: Be creative and be yourself. Twitch covers 76% of online video gaming especially from America and Europe. Just like you, other streamers are also present there to play video games and aspire to become famous on the web, through live broadcasts. Be yourself and focus on the originality of the content. 

Never stay silent: Always talk to your viewers. Communication is the key. Get your audience engaged by talking to them. Encourage them to watch till the end! Ask them to comment and give feedback. Welcome constructive criticism and improve.

Don’t buy followers: Never buy followers as it will take your channel down the drain. From past years buying fake followers has become common, unfortunately. With the passage of time, people have become experts in identifying fake followers especially by comparing the number of followers and the number of people who are actually watching your live streams constantly.  Furthermore, engage with your audience and build a natural fan base without compromising your credibility. 

How to Get More Average Viewers on Twitch?

Would you like more useful tips for growing on Twitch? So here are a few more ideas on how to get more viewers on twitch organically: 

  • Low energy means low views while streaming. Be energetic! 
  • Stay positive. Winning and losing is part of the game.
  • Configure a discord server.
  • Never miss playing a new release. Advertise it in your previous stream. 
  • Post “Going Live” on Discord Channels
  • Monitor your competitor channels
  • Learn from your feedback. Observe your previous streams
  • Establish your channel as a brand
  • Find a unique way to ask your viewers to turn on notifications
  • Make a pre-stream checklist
  • Invest in high-quality streaming equipment (webcam, editing software, etc.)

Final thoughts

Getting consistent viewers on Twitch is always challenging for streamers, however, it is possible with the above strategies. A quick tip is to stream frequently and play trendy games in which you are an expert. Secondly, get more creative in the way you entertain and interact with your Twitch followers. Next, don’t forget to increase your engagement by becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

Following the latest marketing strategies is also essential. With these basic rules for getting followers on Twitch, you’ll know how to get more viewers on Twitch easily. Hope the tips were useful. Happy Streaming!

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