Monetizing on YouTube: A Guide

Are you a new streamer wondering how monetizing on YouTube works? We’ve created this guide specifically for you!

Monetizing is one of the ways to earn money in YouTube. For this to be available for you, there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled. In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about it along with some tips and tricks for your channel.

Monetizing on YouTube

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This year, YouTube introduced new monetization standards, making it slightly more difficult to monetize your channel — though not impossible. To monetize your channel, you must first join the YouTube partner program and meet their requirements.

Once you’ve completed those steps, all you need to do is enable monetization on your videos to begin earning Adsense revenue. Finally, YouTube monetization is entirely dependent on the number of people who watch your video. The people who make the most money are the ones who have the most viewers.

YouTube Partner Program

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The YouTube Partner Program is the most popular way for people to earn money through their YouTube account, owing to its simplicity. Once you’ve met these criteria, you’ll be able to begin monetizing your videos:

  • Abide by all YouTube Partner Program policies.
  • Be a resident of a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is offered.
  • Have logged over 4,000 public watch hours in the last year.
  • Have over 1,000 subscribers.
  • Have an AdSense account linked.

They will be able to place advertisements on your videos once you have become a YouTube partner. If you prefer, you can enable this option for each video individually. Just a reminder: in order to receive payments for advertising on your videos, you must first create an AdSense account.

Monetizing on YouTube: Ways to Earn Revenue

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The good news is that once you’ve been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), they’ll do a lot of the advertising legwork for you. However, there are several ways to monetize your channel:

Advertising revenue: This is the most common variation. On pre-roll, mid-roll, end-roll, and overlay ads, you’ll split advertising revenue with YouTube (generally, creators receive 55%).

Channel memberships: Subscribers can pay a monthly membership fee for your channel in order to receive exclusive content and benefits.

Merchandise: Subscribers can purchase merchandise directly through YouTube.

Super Chat: Subscribers have the option of paying to have their comments featured in the comment section.

Tips for YouTube’s Partner Program

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Under YouTube’s partner program, most users do not receive much money. Because advertising revenue is based on viewership, only the largest YouTube partners will receive the lion’s share of its revenue. However, there are four things that can assist you in getting there:

-Your video must be advertiser-friendly, i.e. suitable for the majority of audiences.

-If you did not create the content, you must have full legal permission to upload it to YouTube.

-You must properly identify the audio and video in your videos, as well as have commercial rights to both.

-Your video content must adhere to the terms of service and community guidelines established by YouTube.

Monetizing on YouTube by Partnering with Sponsors

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Having independent sponsors support your work on YouTube is the most lucrative and uncommon form of monetization. Other than having a large number of views on your videos, there is no easy way to get sponsors for your film.

There is no set minimum, but companies will be much more willing to pay you for ad space if you have a large number of viewers. Essentially, this type of advertising eliminates the middleman (YouTube) and allows you to earn more money from advertising on your content.

How Much Do YouTubers Make?

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As previously stated, becoming a YouTube partner necessitates the use of an AdSense account. This is a platform where businesses can buy ad space and YouTube can place their ads as they see fit on videos. YouTubers receive 55% of the revenue share from AdSense advertisements. Money is made on a pay-per-click or pay-per-view basis. The advertiser can choose which one they want.

  • A view is defined as watching an ad for 30 seconds or halfway through, whichever comes first.
  • A typical fee is 18 cents per view. As a result, if you have 1,000 views and 10% of the viewers watch the ad, you can expect to earn approximately $18.

Finally, the amount of money earned is determined by how frequently the ads run on your videos and how frequently your viewers interact with those ads while they are running.

For most YouTubers, this means little to no revenue, but for those with thousands (or millions) of viewers, it can add up to a substantial income. YouTube makes no income guarantees through its partner program.


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