Record Gameplay on PC and Make Highlights

In this guide, we will show you how to record gameplay on PC without compromising the quality of the videos or the performance of your device. As a streaming beginner or professional, recording excellent game clips and tutorials is essential. 

In order to make progress and grow your channel, the quality of the video is very important. Your gameplay recording must have high-quality video without any delays. If you can have clear audio it will be a bonus. You will provide an overall better experience for your viewers. So how to record gameplay that will meet these conditions? Let us tell you,

How to record gameplay with Xbox Gamebar

The easiest way to record gameplay on PC is Xbox Game Bar. Xbox Game Bar Screen Recorder is the built-in overlay screen recording tool in Windows. You can use it to capture gameplay, screenshots, videos, and any other action on your screen. 

The image shows Xbox Game Bar App for recording gameplay
Source: WInCentral

It consumes little computer resources and has almost no impact on the game/application. Beginners usually don’t know where to start or record gameplay. Therefore, we have summarized all the necessary steps on how to record gameplay on PC with Xbox Game Bar:

  • To open the Game Bar, press Windows Key + G and if you have an Xbox controller then press the Xbox logo button on the controller to access the bar.
  • You can also access the game bar from Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game Bar
how to record gameplay a screen shot to access game bar  through settings
Source: Eklipse
  • Click the record button (Red) to record a video. A clock will show up at the upper right corner of your game window while it’s recording.
Source: Microsoft
  • To stop recording press the recording button again. You can also use the shortcuts given in Settings to start or stop recording.
  • You can also take a screen shot, press Windows Key + Alt + PrtScr to take a screen shot of the current game screen or just press the camera button on the left hand side.
  • To access your recordings, open the Xbox app and go to Captures
  • You can select any clip that you have recorded from here to watch or edit

Xbox Game Bar will also allow you to enable an FPS counter that controls the performance of the games. You can also use it to know the status of the CPU, GPU and RAM while you play. You can also unable or disable audio recording, interact with friends while we play and even access Spotify.

Stream Lab OBS to record gameplay

Stream labs is a screen recording software that offers many features, one of which is gameplay recording. It is built on the open-source OBS framework but it offers many personalized features.

Image shows OBS stream Labs Interface  to record gameplay
Source: OBSOfficialsite

It is super beginner friendly and anyone can use it unlike OBS. Follow these steps to capture the perfect gameplay:

  • Launch Streamlabs and pick the game you want to record
  • You will need to make sure all sources and sounds in the scene are working properly
  • Before recording make sure the game is in your game capture source
  • Set your audio, video and output from the Settings menu and press Done
  • Check the bottom right corner and press the Record button, a timer will show that the recording has started
  • Press the record button again to stop the recording
  • Find your captures in the output source file your have selected
  • For best OBS labs settings check this article out

Learn about OBS labs features and more streaming software here.

How to record games with Nvidia Shadowplay

This image shows Nvidia Shadowplay preview to record gameplay on PC
Source: How-To Geek

Someone who owns an Nvidia Geforce graphics card should use Nvidia Shadowplay. It now comes with GeForce Experience. It’s the built-in recording solution that helps you record your gameplay with minimal cost of frame rate drop. 

The game will not lag even if you are playing something graphics intensive and fast paced. You can record high-quality gaming videos efficiently and smoothly. Learn another way to record gameplay on PC with Nvidia Shadowplay with these steps:

  •  Download and open NVIDIA GeForce Experience application once it is installed
  • Click the “Shadowplay” button in the upper right corner
  • Press Alt + Z or click the switch on the left side of the Shadowplay window to open it
  •  Check the green light, it indicates that Nvidia Shadowplay is now enabled
  • Select the mode from the three modes. We recommend the Manual mode for complete control on recordings
  • Use the keyboard shortcuts Alt + F9 to manually start the recording
  • Use Alt + F9 to stop editing when you’re done recording
  • Your videos appear in a game-specific subfolder of your videos folder

How to record gameplay with Twitch

Record gameplay on PC using twitch
Source: Twitch Blog

Where you can watch gampelay and streams on Twitch, you can also record them. Here is how:

  • Go to from your browser
  • Log in to your existing twitch account (Recording feature only works if you already have videos posted on twitch)
  • Click the drop down menu button in the top right corner
  • Go to Settings
  • Choose the Chanel and Videos
  • Toggle to enable the Store Past Broadcasts option
  • The archive mode is now active
  • You are all set to stream and twitch will automatically record your stream
  • Go to Creator Dashboard and manage your VoDs and Uploads under Video Producer
  • There is also an option to download these videos

Make highlights from your gameplay using Eklipse

After recording your gameplay, you can make highlights of your best gaming moments using Eklipse. You can use these highlights to show off your gameplay but in a quick few minutes even seconds. Post them on Tiktok, YouTube or any other social media directly using Eklipse. You can also download the highlights and only share it with your few close friends.


We shared all the best ways you can use to record gameplay on PC. If you’d like to gain more audience, you could also consider recording your gameplay for TikTok. Stay tuned to Eklipse blog for more streaming tips and guides. Happy Streaming!

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