Top 5 Spider Man game mods for PC

The PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered released on August 13th around the world, and critics are praising it. Thanks to Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4 adaptation, Marvel’s web-head is now available to you on your personal computers.

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The game’s release on the new platform is exciting for several reasons. Notably the game’s enhanced frame rates, stunning visuals, and free downloadable content. But as they say with great power comes the possibility of a robust modding community. This is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the game. You can play with the Symbiote suit on or become Stan Lee or even Saul Goodman for the day.

So without further ado here is a compilation of the top Spider-Man game mods that you should attempt:

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider Man video game mods Miles Morales suit
Source: YouTube

Starting off with the Spider-Man of the future, the first of Spider-Man game mods adds the Miles Morales costume, a favorite among fans. Although the Miles Morales PC edition won’t be released until next year, you can get a sneak peek at it with this update.

This Spider-Man mod uses an official model that was originally intended for use in the game’s multiplayer mode but was scrapped. It’s possible the same model will appear in the upcoming Spider-Man video game for computers.

Spider Man game mod: Black Cat & Batman

Kat girl & Spider Man facing each other
Source: YouTube

As other mods allow you to play in different suits or account for visual changes there are mods that will allow you to swap your character with another. Let’s talk about our night crusader Batman and Black Cat. Both these mods are available to the players through Nexus mods along with the requirements to download them.

Batman mod is best for combat and not so much for swinging and tricks. The Black Cat mod contain adult content so make sure you go and turn it on in your Nexus account preferences. You will need the Spider-Man PC Modding Tool for all these mods to work.

Symbiote Black Suit

The black Venom symbiote suit is still one of the most recognizable Spider-Man outfits of all time. This particular one of all the Spider-Man game mods offers a comic-accurate take on the suit’s many incarnations. More importantly, it has been speculated that Spider-Man will wear a similar outfit in the sequel to this game. Therefore, you get to play a version of the game’s future before it’s even released.

Spider Man game mod: King Pin, Stan Lee & Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman as Spider Man

Multiverse expands beyond our understanding so giving into the idea that anyone could be Spider Man. Our modders get creative with the possibilities of who can exist as Spider Man. Some ridiculous and amazing mods like that allow you to play as the legendary Stan Lee himself or turn the Spidey into Uncle Ben’s gravestone.

Like other hilarious Spider-Man video game mods this one swaps out the local hero for the city’s dictator, King Pin. The villain in this Spider-Man video game mod is based on the same design as the original game’s King Pin. This gives you an accurate depiction of how the villainous King Pin might exploit Spider-abilities. That is if you can keep from laughing at the absurdity of this mod’s premise.

Similarly, thanks to TheMolePatrol for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered gave us a PS1 low poly version of Saul Goodman to appreciate our favorite on screen lawyer from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. The mod is actually called Better Call Saul a tribute to show completing its 6 seasons on Netflix.

Spider Man game mod for exploration

Manual Rain

Let’s talk aesthetics. Since, it is an open-world game, most of Spider-Man Remastered consists of simply exploring the city. Because of this Spider Man game mod, you can make it rain whenever you feel like and the game will continue as normal. Cloudy skies, wet evenings, and drenching sunsets are all possible. You must activate RTX though, to make the most of New York City’s many reflecting surfaces.

Spider Man Remastered Update Notes

A more recent news is that the game is breaking sales records and also got its first official steam update. You can check out the released update notes and known issues here.


This concludes our list for top spider man game mods and other updates. Try out these mods and let us know what you think. Until then stay tuned to Eklipse Blog. Happy Streaming!

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