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If you regularly post on your Instagram profile then you might know that Instagram has a specific format requirement. If you want to upload videos on your Insta account, the video must follow these format requirements. For instance, the video needs to be in mp4 format and should not exceed a maximum of 1080p. You can make your videos Instagram-friendly by video converter for Instagram.

If your video does not follow the size requirements, our video converter for Instagram can help you. With Eklipse’s editing feature, you can format your video and make it Instagram-friendly.

What is Eklipse?

Eklipse is an advanced AI tool that acts as an automatic highlights generator. It converts your best gaming highlights into high-quality videos. It also works well as a video editor. Eklipse has recently launched a new feature that allows you to generate Instagram reels and TikToks. With Eklipse, you can personalize your videos and make them engaging and unique.

You also have many transitions to select when editing your video. With Eklipse, your video will look aesthetic. Eklipse has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require supreme editing skills for use.

Why should you use Eklipse for editing and converting your videos?

Eklipse is quite advanced and uses AI for capturing your best moments. Eklipse has many pros when it comes to editing your video for Instagram:

  • User-friendly and beginner-friendly interface
  • Diverse editing features
  • Fast processing speed

Eklipse is easy to use and has many convenient features. It is a convenient video converter for Instagram users.

How to use Eklipse’s video editing feature for your Instagram videos?

Here’s how you can edit your videos and convert them for Instagram using Eklipse’s video editing feature:

  1. Go to Eklipse. gg and register – Register on Eklipse with your email address, Facebook, or Twitch account. Write your password and join Eklipse for free. You can start editing clips once you have set up your account.
  2. Select clips that you want to edit – Go through your gallery and select the clips you want to edit for your Instagram profile.
  3. Trim your video – If necessary, you can trim your video. This will help you get rid of unnecessary parts from your video for Instagram.
  4. Edit the video – If you haven’t done your editing already on the video, you can do it using Eklipse. You can add music to your video, trim the length, and add transitions to it if you want. You also have the option to scale your video to fit in a square, vertical, or widescreen.
  5. Save your finished clip – Now you can save your edited clip using Eklipse.
  6. Select the format – Instagram requires every video to be mp4, so you need to go for mp4 when you are saving the project using Eklipse.

And you’re all done. Now you can go ahead and upload your video on your Instagram account.


In summary, Eklipse is a great video converter for Instagram with many convenient options for editing, trimming, and formatting. You can conveniently format your videos for Instagram without having much editing skills.

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