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What is VoD and Why is it Important for Streamers?

When it comes to video streaming platforms, we often encounter the term VoD in the description or title of a video. To people who are just getting into the world of live streaming, of course, this may be very confusing.
So, what is VoD and why is it so popular among streamers? Why should streamers have VoD?
This article will cover all you need to know about VoD and its importance. For those of you who want to start your career as a streamer, then you should know what VoD is as it can attract more viewers. Check it out below!

What is VoD?

VoD stands for Video on Demand. In the context of gaming, a video recorded from the perspective or screen of the player itself.
Usually, the video is recorded using software to record the video. A VoD usually contains a compilation of highlights.
Apart from that, there are also several VoDs made with the audio commentary of the player. Its purpose is to provide tips or explain the in-game strategies.
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What is the difference between VoD, Live Streaming, and Replay?

So, now you know what VoD is. However, there are still other terms that people usually confuse VoD, although they actually have way different meanings than Video on Demand.
These terms cover live streams and replays. Here is the explanation.

Video on Demand

    • A collection of highlights or tutorials from players.
    • Can be watched at any time and be repeated.
    • Viewer comments will be responded to when the player is online


    • Live broadcast.
    • Cannot be played back or repeated when finished.
    • Spectators and players can interact directly with the streamers.


    • A feature that lets you replay past matches.
    • Lets you watch from anyone’s point of view.
    • Used by eSports teams to learn about their mistakes from big tournaments

Why Should Streamers Have VoD?

If live streams are enough, then why are streamers required to have VoD? The answer is simple. With it, you can attract more viewers!
You want viewers to follow you right away when they open your page for the first time. Out of countless footage or videos, which one should they watch first?
Surely, you want them to click on the most interesting video, right?
A VoD can be a compilation of highlights of your game that you feel is the best. For example, if you play an FPS game, you can display a collection of footage of yourself slaughtering the enemy team.
Thus, viewers will immediately be amazed by your skills and will not hesitate to follow you!


Tips for Creating a VoD that Attracts Viewers

To make viewers more interested in following you, then you need to know how to make an outstanding video clip. Here are the tips to help you get started.

  • Choose the best game highlights possible.
  • Edit your VoD as creatively as possible, for example by adding songs, funny memes, or sound effects as appropriate.
  • You can also insert a self-introduction into the VoD, explaining what games you play and what kind of content you make.
  • For a VoD that contains a review or tutorial, make sure your language is easy to understand.
  • Do not display toxic highlights (spraying enemies’ corpses, spawn camping, etc.)
  • Reply to your viewers’ comments, they will feel very appreciated!

Create Your VoD Instantly Using Eklipse!

It’s no secret that making a good clip requires a lot of time and effort. You see, apart from the content aspect, you also need to edit the video in such a way as to make it look attractive.
But did you know that you can create VoD instantly, without having to edit it at all? In fact, you don’t even have to bother choosing good highlights!
Everything can be done automatically, from highlight selection to the process of making a compilation video. All you need to do is simply sit tight, play your favorite game and then upload the finished highlight clip.
All of this can be done using Eklipse, a powerful AI designed to create video game compilations.
Want to know how to use Eklipse so you can create a cool highlight clip automatically? Click the link for the complete tutorial!


VoD is a video that viewers can access anytime, anywhere which is generally used by game streamers to promote themselves quickly. VoD has also proven effective in attracting viewers to follow their channel.
To create an interesting video, you can compile a variety of cool game highlights that can be combined with songs, memes, and sound effects.
Making a good VoD will certainly take some time, but with Eklipse, you can create a highlight clip automatically. No need to bother editing videos, just play the game and wait for your compilation video to be ready!


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