Game streaming clips for channel, Why?

Attract new followers and show viewers what your streams are like

Importance of game streaming clips:

Importance of game streaming clips is necessary to know for all game streamers. As a streamer, you want this person to follow your channel, in the hopes that they will eventually subscribe. Let’s say someone finds your channel when you are offline. To learn more about your channel, they will read your panels and watch some of your content. If you have many videos that are hours long, where should they start? They will pick a recording randomly, click somewhere in the middle, then watch for a few minutes.

If someone is scrolling through Twitch and finds your channel, don’t you want them to see your best moments and not you fixing your camera for five minutes? If you have highlights made, you decide what people watch. You pick your best moments and put them on display. 

Not to mention the fact that people who are casually scrolling through Twitch looking for new channels are not going to want to watch a four-hour stream to see if they like you as a streamer. Saving past broadcasts is mainly to keep your subs and followers up to date, not necessarily to attract newcomers.

Game Streaming

Keep your followers engaged

Live streams are going to be your community’s favorite way of consuming your content, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

Highlights are a great way to keep these people engaged and watching your content when they log in, even if you aren’t there. Giving them the option to watch a highlight of the live stream they just missed not only makes it less likely for them to go watch some other streamer that happens to be online, but it also increases the chance of them actually showing up the next time you’re live, once they see how much fun your last broadcast was. 

Also, when you highlight regularly, your followers can see what they have missed. Seeing highlights from you will remind them to stop by your channel more often.


Share on social media and even monetize

Another way to gain the attention of potential viewers is to export your saved highlights to other media outlets such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok…

Nowadays, Twitch streaming is more popular than ever but that means the market for Twitch streamers is also a lot more saturated. When there are so many live streams with thousands or hundreds of viewers for all of the popular games, it’s very difficult for people to discover new up-and-coming streamers.

That’s why it’s important for you as a Twitch streamer not to rely solely on Twitch in order to get discovered. If you want to grow faster, you need to have a presence on the most popular social media platforms, share content from your streams in order to attract new people to check it out.

A well-edited highlight of one of the crazier moments from your stream might gain traction on Twitter or Reddit and make people interested in checking out your Twitch channel.

And let’s not forget that YouTube is still the biggest platform out there when it comes to video content. There’s nothing stopping you from downloading a video of your past broadcast, editing it down a little, and posting it over to YouTube. If the video is properly edited and you do it consistently, you might end up with a following on YouTube as well!

All-in-all, highlights are an under-appreciated tool that you should utilize to gain more channel exposure and visitation.

How to easily create highlight of game streaming clips:

Create a clip is not that easy, you must have edit video skills. Even with some editing know-how, still takes 6-12  hours to produce a good clip from a 3 hours stream. Or you can hire someone to do that for you, Fiver is an option, but a professionally edited clip costs $20 – $80 for a 5 min clip, on top of back-and-forth coordination with editors.

Or you can use Eklipse, this tool offers an all-in-one tool for gamers looking to conveniently discover, edit, and share highlights of their gameplay. Eklipse is an AI-powered streaming highlights generator, automatically analyzes your video streams and finds the best moments. Just connect your streaming account and get exciting highlights after every streaming session. Need more creativity? Create great videos effortlessly with our free online video editor. Edit, add effects, and export in minutes.

Last but not least, grow your audience and keep them engaged with our easy-to-use sharing tool. Save time by scheduling posts across all your social networks with just a few clicks.