20 Best YouTube Shorts Ideas in 2023 You Must Try

Due to the popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, YouTube has finally launched a similar feature called YouTube shorts. One of the best ways to grow your YouTube channel is by making a short video. But to attract many viewers, you need to think about the best YouTube shorts ideas.

Craving for unique and appealing short video ideas? We got you to cover it. We have put on the list the 20 best YouTube shorts ideas 2023. Get curious about it? Let’s just take a look here.

Before-After Content Ideas Will Be Good

Source: YouTube RitwikVlogs

The first recommendation for your YouTube short content is making a before and after the video. It sounds like a comparison video that shows the viewers the difference you’ll get after using a product or doing something.

Let’s say you’re trying to apply a conditioner to your hair and you let people see the difference between your bushy hair to your smooth hair. That’s fantastic. In addition to being interesting, you can also add some information about the products.

A Day in the Life

People are curious creatures, and we love to know what other people are up to. That’s why “a day in the life” type of content is so popular. It’s like getting a sneak peek into someone else’s life and seeing how they do things.

It’s especially interesting when it’s someone famous or who has an unusual job. Plus, it can be relatable and even inspiring to see how others handle their daily grind. It’s like getting a virtual tour of someone else’s life.

Makeup Transformation

Source: YouTube Tina Yong

A makeup transformation can be a nice YouTube shorts niche. It’s because makeup has never been an old-school to be a trend. You can try to make inspired makeup looks like any character you like.

Not only limited to having a simple ‘cosplay’ on your face, but you can also give simple tutorials related to makeup techniques.

The fusion between great makeup skill and creativity will be the best mixture to gain a lot of viewers. Trust us for this.

Reviewing Products or Services

Even though YouTube shorts only last 60 seconds, it doesn’t mean you can’t provide informative content for your viewers.

You can do a review of some products you’ve tried for an amount of time. Mention their benefits and the flaws of the product. This surely will be helpful for many people. Just try it.

YouTube Short Ideas for artist: Do a Mini Vlog

A mini-vlog is another nice way to attract your audiences’ attention. Go somewhere, and spot the beautiful part of the place you visit. It can be a park, a simple yet unique café, museum, or other interesting places.

You can add a recording while you’re on the way to the place too. People also want to know how you get there, what about the situation throughout the way, what you are doing there, and much interesting stuff to share.

Holiday Contents Are Never Outdated!

Holiday content is great to be uploaded at the beginning of the year because it’s the perfect time to start thinking about and planning your next vacation. It’s like a fresh start, and everyone is feeling the post-holiday blues.

Moreover, the beginning of the year is usually when people are setting their goals and planning for the future, so thinking about your next vacation can be a nice way to motivate yourself.

Additionally, it’s a good time to upload such content because many people are looking for travel inspiration after the holidays and during the winter season. It’s like giving people a little ray of sunshine during the dreary winter months. It’s definitely worth a shot!

Short Comedy-Telling

The 5 Videos From YouTube Comedy Week You Need To Watch So Far
Source: Wall Street Insanity

Looking for funny YouTube shorts ideas? Short comedy-telling will be a nice option. Who doesn’t like jokes or comedy? Everyone loves this idea. If you think you are a sort of hilarious person, then just try it.

Comedy-telling is a mini and short version of stand-up comedy. But instead of standing in front of many people and telling funny stories, you can just sit in your room. Make a short of jokes with great punchlines. That’ll be so amusing.

Gaming YouTube Short Ideas

If you are a gamer and starting to grow a gaming channel, this is your kinda shortcut to achieve that. You don’t have to always go live playing your favorite games, but you can use this feature too.

Help yourself to clips the best gaming moment from your live streaming, give it some cool stuff by editing it, and just post it to your YouTube short. People will also love to enjoy short gaming content.

Most People Are Looking for Motivation

Do you realize that there is a lot of teenagers or even adults who are craving motivation nowadays? It’s maybe because of the big pressure they’ve endured which makes them mentally exhausted.

So, why not if you make an entertaining yet motivating video? Sound great, doesn’t it? You can share your own experiences that you think will inspire and motivate them. Or take another’s story is also fine. The most essential point is the message within the video.

Another YouTube Shorts Ideas: Short Music Cover

Source: JC’s Gallery YouTube

Music will always become a powerful tool to wake up memories, lift spirits, or simply make us feel happy. Sometimes, it’s not just the melody, but also the lyrics that can become overly relatable.

Furthermore, you can take it as a great idea for your YouTube Short content. If you think you are good enough at playing instruments or singing, just show it to the world. They’ll be entertained as well.

Life Hacks

Source: YouTube Tool_Tips

Life hack content is great for shorts because they’re quick and easy to digest. They’re like little tips and tricks that can make your life easier or more efficient.

And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good shortcut? They’re perfect for scrolling through on your phone or watching on your lunch break.

Plus, they’re often easy to understand and put into practice, so you can start using them right away. It’s like getting a mini-lesson in how to hack your life and make it better in a matter of minutes.

Gathering The Customer Feedbacks

Are you a businessman trying to make more engagement to the customers? You can use YouTube short as your way to earning more money.

But how is it? It’s easy, just gather all your customer’s reviews about your product or services your sell to them. Pick the good ones to attract more customers. Arrange it and turn it to be an interesting short video. This will be very beneficial for you.

Just Bought New Stuff? Unboxing Now!

If you try to figure out what’s the simplest yet most satisfying content idea for YouTube shorts, the unboxing thing is the answer. You just need a few packs you haven’t opened.

Prepare your camera on and record the process you unbox the new stuff. But make sure that you do it aesthetically to add more value to your video. In addition to that, try to buy a useful or cute thing. So people will like it.

Who Loves To Cook And Eat? Raise Your Hand

Many people claimed that cooking is the best activity to heal yourself. The process of cutting the ingredients, the onions sizzling while you cook it, and the food smell is really calming.

On the other side, eating is also most people’s favorite. Who isn’t happy after tasting good food with a full tummy? Then, attract your viewers with the show of some delicious and tempting food in front of your camera. Show them that the food you eat is deniable. And, don’t forget to show your cooking skill!

Minecraft YouTube Shorts Ideas

How To Make Minecraft Shorts On Youtube - YouTube
Source: YouTube

Another gaming idea for a short video on YouTube is Minecraft. There are a lot of things you can take from this game as your content. You can just talk about everything related to Minecraft. Maybe some game tips and tricks.

Or, if you’re more creative, you can make a funny story by putting a bit concept of Minecraft. That will be a good idea. Do you think it’s gonna work?

Stay At Home, It’s Time For Crafting

As Covid-19 cases are high throughout the world, people are encouraged to stay at home. Even there’s work from home as a new normal thing. But how if we get bored while staying home? Is there anything we can do?

That’s your job to make a video that can encourage people to be more productive but in a fun way. You can show some hack to do something, or make a short tutorial. For instance, you can make a simple tutorial about making embroidery stuff, macramé, or any creative thing.

If you think about it, you can also sell them if you want to earn more money. Just try this out.

One of The YouTube Shorts Ideas: Tell About Unique Facts

One more thing that people like in terms of content is knowing the unique facts. It’s interesting and informative as well.

It does not necessarily tell the serious topic, but instead, it’s enough to give them the simple fact that people haven’t known it yet. Bring it up in a fun way.

A Room Tour? Why Not?

Sometimes, people are curious about the room set up where you always take a short video. Whether it’s a bedroom or gaming studio.

It’ll be a good idea if you make a room tour content to satisfy your audiences. Additionally, you can give them insights or ideas of how to set up their room. Maybe putting some cute or cool things will work. People will love it.

Behind The Scene

If you are well-known as a great content creator, your audiences will not only curious about what will come next. But they are also curious about how you create those excellent videos.

So sometimes, it’ll be nice if you show the behind-the-scene moment to them. It’s only to show them how you always put a big effort to make incredible content to enjoy.

How To Make YouTube Shorts Viral: Follow The Trends

The last idea you can try to make a YouTube short that will go viral is by following the trends. It means that you have to keep an update on everything happened recently.

It can be a dancing trend, fashion, or any fun challenge. You can just do whatever you want as long as it is on the trend. Got interested?


It’s actually tricky to find the best youtube shorts ideas to make regular content. But do not worry because you have it all now. Just pick the one you think is best, and try making it. Good luck!

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