apex legends mobile characters
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Apex Legends Mobile Characters and Their Abilities

As the mobile version has been released, you may wonder about Apex Legends mobile characters. Will it be the same as the PC version? Basically, some characters in Apex Legends will be available for the mobile version, but not all of them. And it will be vice versa.

So, we have listed the best characters to use in Apex Legends below, along with their abilities. If you are looking to know about them, let’s just jump right into it.

Apex Legends Mobile Characters and Their Ability

Every character in Apex Legends might be having the same weapons or attachments. However, what sets them apart is their ability. Each character is armoured with three basic skills, including Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate. See the following character details.


Apex Legends Mobile Characters
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One of the new characters in Apex Legends Mobile is Loba. Loba appeared recently and is celebrated with a special event called Loba’s Soirée Event. Her main ability is looting and escaping from a sticky situation. 

Loba’s tactical ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, will help you to teleport to some hard-to-reach places only with the jump drive bracelet. Not stopping there, she can use her Eye for Quality passive ability to see the nearby legendary and epic loot through walls. Moreover, to be able to loot immediately, she can use her Black Market Boutique ultimate ability to create a portal to teleport. This portal will bring you to the nearest loot location.

Fade: An Apex Legends Mobile New Character

Apex Legends Mobile New Character
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Fade is actually a mobile-exclusive character. That means Fade is only available for Apex Legends mobile version. Particularly, Fade can rewind with his tactical Flash Back. This character can let you transport through space and time using the Void. It’s actually similar to Tracer in Overwatch.

Additionally, you can obtain a temporary speed boost from Fade’s Slipstream passive ability as he’s just getting faster when sliding. Finally, Fade can protect the allies using the Phase Chamber ultimate ability. He’ll make a phase cage and protect the allies from enemy damage.

Bloodhound: Apex Legends Mobile Best Character

Apex Legends Mobile Best Character
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Bloodhound will be the best choice if you are looking for a character that is more than capable of shedding blood and tracking down the enemies. It’s because Bloodhound is claimed as the best hunter in Apex Legends with their amazing tracking skill for their passive ability. They have been helped by the Earth’s old Norse Gods.

Additionally, Bloodhound has the Eye of the Allfather as their tactical ability. With this, they can easily spot, trap, and object the enemies through the wall. Other than their tracking skills, Bloodhound also got Beast of the Hunt to help the, move faster and see enemies through the walls.

Octavio Silva or Octane

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If Bloodhound is cool when it comes to tracking enemies, Octane will be perfect for those who are craving speed. With his cybernetic legs, he has the Stim as his tactical ability that provides 30% faster movement for six seconds. 

The best part about this guy is his Swift Mend. With this passive ability, Octane can heal himself automatically after taking damages. So, despite that, he sacrifices his health in order to gain speed, but it’s not a big deal due to his Swift Mend ability.

As for his ultimate ability, Octane can create a jump pad for himself and his teammates. Are you interested to use this character?

Another Apex Legends Mobile Best Character: Bangalore

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The next character you need to consider as the best one in Apex mobile version is Bangalore. Bangalore has the Smoke Launcher as her tactical ability. This is useful to block your enemies’ vision with a smoke canister that will explode and create a large smoke screen.

In addition, Bangalore can sprint faster while taking the fire using her Double Time passive ability. The Rolling Thunder ultimate ability allows you to call in an artillery strike on a location. This will help you blur every player’s vision whenever they are caught in.


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If Bangalore is classified as an offensive character, Gilbartar is very much in contrast with her. Gilbartar is more to be a defensive character in Apex Legends mobile. Additionally, he’s focusing on his protective ability in the game.

He has got Dome of Protection tactical ability where players can deploy a bubble shield that is able to block any kind of attack in a small area. Aside from the protection, the teammates who are inside the bubble can revive faster. 

Gilbartar was also able to deflect damage from the front using his Gun Shield passive ability. On top of that, Gilbartar has got Defensive Bombardment as his ultimate ability to call down a mortar strike. It will slow down the enemies and blur their vision.


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Remember Doctor Octopus in the Spiderman movie? Caustic would probably have a similar background with Doc Oc. Caustic, as known as Alexander Nox, used to be a good researcher who put his interest in testing pesticides. Unfortunately, as he’s just getting frustrated, he started to make new toxins against the human being.

He gets Nox Gas Trap as his tactical ability to throw down a toxic gas that will explode when shot. Not only can cause damage to the enemies, but this explosion also produces a so-called toxic gas cloud that may cover other players’ vision. However, Caustic is still able to see through his clouds using his Nox Vision passive ability.

Other than that, Caustic can cover up the large battle area in front of him using his toxic gas from his Nox Gas Grenade ultimate ability. This is just amazing, though the fact that he intended to eradicate the human being.


apex legends characters
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If you are looking for a support role within the game, Lifeline is supposed to be the best choice. Lifeline is described as a wealthy woman who intended to fund the Frontier Corps with her winnings. Additionally, Lifeline has a D.O.C Heal Drone tactical ability to help her heal the nearby allies.

This ability is not enough to cover up the teammates during combats. So Lifeline use her Combat Revive as a small shield to give protection to allies, but on another side, she was still able to move around and fight. And last but not least, you can rely on Lifeline with her Care Package ultimate ability where Lifeline can call a drop pod armed with various supplies and gears.


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In comparison to other characters, Wraith might be a unique character with a special ability. After being betrayed by a science partner, she turns into a so-called psychic character. Her Into the Void tactical ability can bring the players into alternate dimensions to avoid damage when moving.

The Voices from the Void, Wraith’s passive ability can help her to detect nearby danger or enemies. So, you can think of the best action to face them. As for Wraith’s ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, allow her to place two portals for her and her allies and move between them for 60 seconds.


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Pathfinder is one of the MRVN Robots that has Batman-like ability. With its Grappling Hook tactical ability, Pathfinder can reach otherwise-impossible locations in a second. Other than that, as its name, Pathfinder is able to reveal the next location of the gameplay ring when scanning a Survey Beacon with its Insider Knowledge passive ability.

Finally, the ultimate Zipline Gun ability allows you to create a zipline for the allies to use. However, the scan will affect the zipline gun, as it reduces the cooldown.

DJ aka Rhapsody: A New Legend Leaks

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Good news is coming! A reliable source, ThatOneGamingBot, has spoken about the new legend of Apex on their Twitter account. This upcoming character is name DJ or Rhapsody. Though there are no further details about this information, some leaks about the cosmetics have been revealed.

ThatOneGamingBot mentioned several cosmetics associated with DJ. That includes a sound indicator, UI elements, a holospray, and also an avatar. Aside from that, we can assume that DJ is probably will be having a robot dog as part of the kit named Nebula.

Based on this little information, DJ Rhapsody might have a sound-based ability. But whatever it’d be, we hope it’ll be useful and make the game more fun to play. 


There you have it. That’s all the Apex Legends Mobile characters you have to know. From the abilities, you can judge the characters and pick your favourite one as your Legend. Be prepared, play, and win the combat!