What is Apex Legends Spellbound Event? Free Skins, Heirloom, and More

Apex Legends has just released its limited event named “Spellbound”. Fans can expect a magical event filled with many new cosmetics, including a limited-time game mode, and even a chance to unlock the Herilooms in this Apex Legends event.

So, what’s this event is all about? Here are everything you need to know Apex Legends Spellbound event: The game modes, cosmetic, and how to earn the most-wanted Heirlooms.

1. Apex Legends Spellbound Event Duration

Spellbound event brought the magic-themed event to the Apex Legends games for limited time, starting on January 10 and running through January 24.

2. What is the Game Mode?

During Spellbound, the popular Control game mode will be the highlight of the event, featuring teams of 9v9, competing against each other by capturing and holding designated zones on the map with an infinite number of respawns.

There are 3 maps for this mode: Storm Point: Barometer, World’s Edge: Lava Siphon, and Olympus: Hammond Labs.

Additionally, a new permanent feature will be introduced, allowing players to create and host their own private matches, more details will be announced later.

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3. What Are the Skin Rewards?

The Spellbound collection event in Apex Legends will introduce 24 new limited-time cosmetic items. You can earn everything through gameplay with a special reward tracker.

Daily challenges will provide up to 1,600 points, and the progress combined with the battle pass.

The items have a supernatural theme and feature skins such as Horizon’s Scarlet Witch-inspired look and Crypto’s Doctor Strange-inspired threads.

Some of the bundles like “Silent Assassin” and “Sterling Prism” will only be available for purchase during specific time windows, such as “Silent Assassin” from January 10th to 13th and “Sterling Prism” from January 20th to 24th.

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4. Spellbound Heirloom and How to Get It

The highly sought-after item during the Spellbound event in Apex Legends is the Heirloom. Similar to previous collection events, this event also introduces a new Heirloom item that players will be eager to acquire.

The Spellbound Heirloom is for the character Seer. This cosmetic is a mythic-tier Showstopper.

Those who manage to unlock all 24 cosmetic items in the Spellbound event before it ends will automatically receive Seer’s new Heirloom.

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5. Other Change on Apex Legends Spellbound Event

In addition to reintroducing Control mode for a limited time, the event will also include a new permanent feature that allows players to create and host private matches. Respawn tells that the will announce details about this later.

There will be a “Welcome Challenges”, set of ten introductory challenges. It will help new players learn the basics of Apex Legends, and completing these will earn you the “Apex 101” badge.

The crafting rotation has also been updated, where G7 Scout and C.A.R. SMG have been added and Spitfire and Peacekeeper are returning, also G7 Scout got a reduction on the damage from 34 to 32.

You can check out Apex Legends official website if you are eager to know more about the details.


That’s all you need to know about the Apex Legends Spellbound event. The Heirlooms look cool though, but what do you think about it?

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