Apex Legends Vantage: The Tips and Tricks To Gain Victory

apex legends vantage
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Apex Legends Vantage is actually the newest character that has officially come alongside the launch of Season 14: Hunted. As a result of her tragic past, Vantage decides to join the Apex game while she is just 18 years old.

Yep, she’s one of the game’s youngest but most powerful legends. Additionally, Vantage is the first legend with abilities built specifically for ranged combat. No wonder she’s always equipped with a long-range sniper rifle.

Due to her excellent abilities and skillset, she may also be one of the most promising legends in the game. However, many players found that she is a bit tricky to master. Her abilities will be useless if you don’t understand how they work. Therefore, we provide you with the Vantage tips and tricks to take advantage of her equipment and abilities. Let’s check it out!

Apex Legends Vantage Abilities: How to Maximize Them

Just like other Apex characters, Vantage also featured three abilities: the Passive one, the Tactical, and the Ultimate. And since most players will be using her ultimate skill more frequently, so we’re gonna discuss it first.

Vantage’s Ultimate ability is Sniper’s Mark. This ability is undoubtedly beneficial for shooting any foes miles away from where you stand. Vantage can not only give damage to the shot enemies but also mark them for 10 seconds after they’ve been hit.

Apex Legends Vantage
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It’s basically useful to give a damage boost to the rest of your team. Additionally, Vantage also has a bit of freedom to pick other weapons for your loadout. Despite taking an SMG or a shotgun, you’re still able to engage in long-range combat by activating her Ultimate ability.

Aside from her Sniper’s Mark ability, Vantage is also at her best in dealing with afar enemies using her Spotter’s Lens; the Apex Legends Vantage passive ability. With her eyepiece, Vantage can identify how far away the enemies are, the shield they’re wearing, and even how many members are in the squad. The bullet drop indicator is gonna help you to see where shots will land as well.

When it comes to her sidekick, Echo the bat, you can effectively use him to pin down an opposing squad from all angles. With the help of Echo, Vantage can quickly reach and maintain the high ground. Just hold the tactical button to jump to Echo’s location, or to move Echo to a new region.

Park Echo Wisely

Apex Legends Vantage passive
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Other than maximizing Vantage’s abilities, you also need to pay more attention to Echo or it can be a danger to you. As previously mentioned, Echo is useful to hover over an area and help you to easily escape. However, it’s not like Crypto; the artificial wingman, Echo can’t scan the enemies and it is unable to alert you to their presence.

Therefore, it would be better to call and reposition him closer to the ground to avoid being seen by the enemies while you are not in active combat. On the other hand, take advantage of Echo as much as you can whenever you are in a battle to help you escape from a sticky and hairy situation. Don’t worry, Echo cannot be killed by enemies like the Crypto’s drone can.

Don’t Always Use Apex Legends Vantage’s Sniper Rifle

Although Vantage is really powerful due to her Sniper’s Marks ability, doesn’t mean you have to use it frequently. You can also use other weapons such as SMG or a shotgun. As long as you’ve got an Ultimate Accelerant on your hand to keep the Sniper’s Mark loaded, you will be perfectly fine.

Additionally, if you’re not using a sniper rifle, it will free up space for a third weapon instead. So, you can still be a juggernaut in a close-range battle.

Final Thoughts

The Apex Legends Vantage tips and tricks are basically necessary for Apex players since she’s a kind of a rule-breaker and tricky to control. But overall, Vantage is indeed a great character, even for the snipping dabblers and non-sniper person. So, according to the tips above, will you take Vantage as your legend? Please leave a comment below!

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