Apex Legends Weapons Tier List – Season 15

If you’re looking to increase your chances of winning in Apex Legends, then check out our weapons tier list! We’ve scoured the web to bring you the best picks for each type of weapon, from shotguns to submachine guns, and more.

There are loads of deadly weapons to choose from in the new season, including the CAR SMG, but which ones are the cream of the crop?

Here is the ultimate Apex Legends weapon tier list for Season 15, check this out!

Apex Legends Tier List

In Respawn’s Apex Legends, there are two dozen deadly guns and weapons to pick from. From the new Rampage LMG in season 10’s Emergence update all the way down to Wingman assault rifle found within bootleg mountain village just off Silvertip Outpost.; our list will help you be crowned champion with ease.

The most direct way into unlocking new treasures however would involve completing daily challenges. Then you can buy assets per character from their respective stores (which take a while).

For every patch that drops, this tier list will be updated to show which Apex weapons are still top-tier.
The input for this is just some text that talks about what their Tier List says in regards of having statistics and personal experiences with guns so far.

S Tier

1. C.A.R SMG

The C.A.R SMG has been heavily rumoured to be one of the best weapons in Season 11. With a fire rate at 930 RPM and each bullet hitting for 13 body shots (or approximately 200) this gun can pump out up to 202 without headshots. This would make it better than many other guns on offer right now because you get more damage.

2. G7 Scout

G7 Scout is a great weapon if you want to get a punchy single shot at any range. You can easily burst down enemies in a quite short time, particularly if you really have capable hands in using this weapon.

3. Eva-8 Auto

The Double Tap hop up was one of the best close-quarters weapons in-game. It can turn a shotgun into an efficient killing machine that will do the job, no matter how nasty it got.

4. Mastiff

The Mastiff is a beast up close, dishing out a ton of damage. It might take some time to get a handle on its recoil, but once you do, it can take down enemies fast. There aren’t many guns that deal as much damage in such a short amount of time as the Mastiff.

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A Tier

1. Flatline

The Flatline is an impressive weapon with stable accuracy and a high fire rate, making it perfect to use in medium range or long distance combat. Also, its low recoil means that you can take down your enemies without missing a shot.

2. Wingman

The Wingman is the best pistol to choose for most encounters. The gun is satisfying to use, and most importantly, it can deal huge damage with the Skullpiercer attachment. It is effective in short and mid-range encounters but falls off a little at longer ranges.

3. R-99

The R99 SMG is a beast with the ability to deal 198 damage in just under two seconds. The downside? Each round only deals 11 points, so if you’re not an expert shot or have perfect aim then this gun might be too much for your taste.

4. 30-30 Repeater

The 30-30 Repeater is an outstanding marksman rifle that excels in medium to long range encounters. If enemies aren’t in cover, this weapon can unleash heavy damage and give your team an advantage to advance. With the Skullpiercer attachment, the 30-30 Repeater becomes even more deadly.

5. Volt SMG

Volt is a powerful energy-based SMG that is claimed to be having high accuracy and is ideal for mid-range combat. In season 14, you can find this weapon from the floor loot as one of the locations of this weapon.

6. Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper is a brilliant shotgun that can put out big damage in close quarters fights. While it is slower than the EVA-8, it still can be used effectively to peek a corner and down an enemy. With accuracy, this weapon is difficult to go up against.

7. Prowler PDW

The PDW is a solid choice for short-range encounters, but struggles at longer distances. It can deal significant damage in short bursts, but the recoil can make it challenging to control in full automatic mode.

B Tier

1. Hemlok

The Hemlok may be passed over by many players for its full-auto cousins like the R-301 and Flatline. However, do not underestimate this weapon. Considering how much space there is, Kings Canyon or World’s Edge have little cover to hide behind when things go south.

2. Alternator

The Alternator struggles to shine behind its big brothers in the light class, but there are times when it is a useful weapon. In fact, this SMG actually does more damage per bullet than an R-99.

3. Triple Take

The Triple Take is a nice marksman weapon that can shoot in a spread or choke pattern. The spread can be useful at medium range engagements, but you’ll struggle doing great damage due to the time it takes to focus your shots. The spread damage is also quite poor when compared to other rifles.

4. Longbow DMR

The Longbow DMR excels in medium to long range battles, but falls short in close combat. It’s a solid choice for a sniper rifle with a higher rate of fire than others and can effectively take out exposed enemies at a distance.

5. Sentinel

The Sentinel is a top-notch sniper for long range encounters. It has decent iron sights and can perform well at mid-range, but slow reloads mean you have to make your shots count. This weapon is top-notch in long range combat but its effectiveness decreases in other scenarios.

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C Tier

1. Havoc

The Havoc can be a solid weapon, but if it doesn’t have the Turbocharger attachment, it can be tough to use. The delay before it fires can lead to losing fights that could have been won easily. With the Turbocharger, the Havoc is definitely worth having, but without it, it’s not a great choice.

2. Spitfire

The Spitfire isn’t the best option in most cases. The long magazines make up for the short range, but outside of close-quarters combat, the weapon doesn’t perform well and lacks power. You can still support your team with it, but there are better options out there.

3. Devotion

Like the Havoc, the Devotion has a delay before it can fire, which can lead to losing fights. With a Turbocharger, it’s fantastic and does some serious damage. However, you’re not guaranteed to find one, so it might not perform as well as it could.

4. Mozambique

The Mozambique is a just okay shotgun, with damage that’s below average. Without Hammerpoint Rounds, it’s not a great option. While it can help you get out of tight spots at close range, there are better guns available.

5. L-Star

The L-Star is just a bad weapon overall. With limited range, bad recoil, and low damage, it’s not a great choice. Most other weapons in the game are better, so you should only use the L-Star if you don’t have any other options.

6. P2020

The P2020 doesn’t deal much damage and has a short range, and even with attachments, it doesn’t get much better. It’s a pretty average weapon and there are plenty of other weapons that outshine it in the game.


So that’s about the Apex Legends Tier weapon list for season 14. Now that you have known about the weapon’s tier, why don’t you start to learn about Apex Legends characters as well?

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