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Banjo Kazooie

This article is all about Banjo Kazooie cheats, codes and tips because we could not be happier for its return. Banjo is coming to Nintendo more than a decade and half later. The golden days of Nintendo64 and platform gaming are back with Banjoo returning to platform gaming thanks to Microsoft.

Banjo Kazooie
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Banjo Kazooie Cheats & Codes

The nostalgia is real with this one people! It first came out in 1998 by Rare Games and stole many hearts. While Mario is an all time favorite in terms of challenge and invention Banjo is equally nostalgic and classic for Nintendo 64 gamers.

Microsoft acquired Rare back in 2002 and now thanks to a deal with them Banjoo is making waves again. We could not be happier. Banjoo was a perfect 3D collection, adventure game.

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The characters were adorable, bright and colorful. The music was chef’s kiss worthy and all in all it was a brilliant game. Let us freshen up or add to your Banjoo Kazooie cheats and tricks knowledge,

Banjo Kazooie Puzzle Codes

To use these cheat codes, you must have the puzzle piece in the sandcastle at the Treasure Trove Cove. Take it back to Banjo’s house, go to the picture of Bottles the mole above the fireplace and follow these steps to get the codes:

  1. Press C- Look up and close at the picture
  2. Make sure to be on the mat
  3. A hidden mini game will show up
  4. Solve the puzzle in the game
  5. Receive the code word
  6. Return to the Trove
  7. Empty the water in Sand Castle
  8. Enter the Sand Castle
  9. You also need a spell book for these to work
  10. Enter NOBONUS to cancel
Puzzle Code Effects
1st Puzzle BOTTLESBONUSONE Kazooie gets a big head
2nd Puzzle BOTTLESBONUSTWO Arms and legs get big
3rd Puzzle BOTTLESBONUSTHREE Thin body with small head
4th Puzzle BOTTLESBONUSFOUR Kazooie gets wings
5th Puzzle BOTTLESBONUSFIVE Big feat and big head
6th Puzzle BIGBOTTLESBONUS Can combine any of the above
7th Puzzle WISHYWASHYBANJO Washer mode

Banjo Kazooie Cheat Codes by Cheato

Blue Eggs: Find Cheato (The talking spell book) when you enter Bubblegloop Swamp near the door of Freezeezy Peak. When you enter the frozen area you will see a pipe blocked by a block of ice. Even if you break the block, you will not be able to get inside the pipe because the entrance is small. When in swamp phase, go to the wizard to turn into a crocodile. Now you can slither in the pipe to get the first book of spells.

Bubblegloop Swamp Banjo Kazooie Cheats
Source: IGN

Red Feathers: In the Mad Monster Mansion Phase you will need Mumbo’s help to find Cheato again. Transform into a pumpkin with his help. Go to the winding path to find Gruntilda’s liar and avoid the skull. You will see a small opening. Enter the lava room and this winding path will take you to the second book.

Golden Feathers: This time Cheato is near the Rusty Bucket Bay. Find a cave that has three pipes in the area. Enter the middle pipe. Press the button to raise the water level to 3. Dive in the water and go to your right. You will see the cave that’s where you find the book. You have to be really quick because you are on a timer.

Banjo Kazooie Cheats Rusty Bucket Bay
Source: 3D Warehouse

More Cheat Codes

When you are done finding three books, go back to the Sand Castle in Treasure Trove Cove to enter BLUEREDGOLDFEATHERS, you also need to enter CHEAT to make these following cheats work.

    99 Mumbo Tokens
    Lives extended to the maximum
    You don’t drown when you swim
    Get extra lives
    Unlimited Gold feathers
    infinite eggs
    Infinite Eggs.
    Mumbo Tokens.
    Cyan Egg in the cellar of Mad Monster Mansion.
    So as not to die while diving.
    Infinite Lives.


Play Banjo Kazooie and try these cheats and tips to make your gameplay more fun and exciting. You can play the game without the cheats for extra challenge and adventure. Find more here and do check these new NFT games that you can play too. Happy Gaming!





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