How to Get Burger King Call of Duty Operator Skin & Double XP

burger king call of duty
Source: Twnfinite

Activision has teamed up with Burger King to promote their upcoming game, Modern Warfare 2, following their previous collaborations with Little Caesar’s and Mountain Dew. As part of this partnership, Activision is offering Burger King customers a special Call of Duty Operation skin and double XP.

If you’re a longtime fan of Call of Duty, you may already be familiar with Burger Town. This fast-food restaurant was featured in Modern Warfare 2 back in 2009 and has made appearances in other games of the franchise. Now, Burger Town is making a comeback in the new game.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a hint on how to unlock the Operator and get double XP. So, if you want to claim your reward, keep reading!

How to Unlock Burger King Call of Duty Operator

Burger King Call of Duty

To be able to get the Burger King Town Operator as well as 2 hours of double XP is quite simple. You’ll only need to buy the Modern Warfare 2 Meal at Burger King. Once you’ve got the meal, you’ll be given a code to redeem. That’s it.

The promotion is available in 40 countries, but so far, the Burger King team hasn’t released the complete list of eligible locations yet. A rumor has it that the promotion will be available in the Netherlands, France, Spain, and even Australia. However, the US fans may not be able to join the hype since the promotion isn’t available there. So this can be disappointing news for all CoD fans in the US.

In addition, Australian fans can obtain the same Operator skin and the Double XP by purchasing the Modern Warfare 2 Baconator Meal from Hungry Jacks.


That’s all we know about the burger king call of duty collaboration, as well as the rewards and how to grab them. It’s only two days to go until Modern Warfare 2 release. Burger King may show up the full list of the eligible countries where the promotion is available and other details about it. Hopefully, there are no fans who got hurt by the final decision.