Call of Duty Bunker Codes: Warzone Locations


Call of Duty bunker codes are something that’ll help you greatly in achieving victory in Call of Duty Warzone. By opening bunkers using special codes, you will be able to access the best loot to battle your opponent.

Before Season 2, there was a variety of bunkers. Most of them only need collected cards, access code and some just plain nothing. Of course, the last one only applies to the ones that make it out alive since these places are usually stormed by people.

However, now bunkers are built differently. Most of them have been made inaccessible on the map. The ones remaining, though, require some special tricks to get into. If you’re wondering how to open these bunkers in Call of Duty Warzone, you’re at the right place.

1. Call of Duty Bunker Locations

Before using Call of Duty bunker codes, first you should know where to find bunkers in CoD on the map. Technically, you can easily find them from the map. However, some of the locations may be too close together so the indications might be inaccurate.

Here is a detailed picture that consists of all bunker locations in the map that you can use to find old and mysterious new bunker.

call of duty bunker codes map locations warzone

00: On the coast south of Promenade West

01: North of the go-kart track and southwest of Boneyard.

02: North along the road from the previous bunker.

03: Right next to bunker 02.

04: Southeast of Dam.

05: On the west side of the Crash Site.

06: Between Quarry and Lumber, above the train tunnel locations.

07: East of TV station, northeast of Stadium.

08: Opposite bunker 07.

09: Northeast of Prison.

10: South of Tavorsk Park.

A quick tip for you. When you are heading to one of these bunkers, make sure that you are fully loaded. Since they possess high quality loot, there is a high chance you will encounter other players here.

One thing you can do is wait. If you are confident that you are the first person to get there, you can try to be sneaky. Set yourself somewhere up close and attack the next person trying to enter the bunker.

2. Call of Duty Bunker Codes

Here is a list of codes to open Call of Duty bunkers locations. If you manage to get inside and loot precious things and legendary supply boxes in the map, congrats.

  • North Junkyard – 87624851
  • Park (nuke) – 60274513
  • TV Station – 27495810
  • Prison – 72948531
  • Farmland – 49285163
  • South Junkyard – 97264138

3. How to Access Warzone Bunkers

This is pretty straightforward. As soon as you see a bunker, you can just type the code above. But, what if the bunker doesn’t have keypads?

As mentioned earlier, the new update brings changes to how bunkers work. Some require codes, while some can only be accessed using a Red Access card.

Red access card is a very rare item that can be used to open non-keypad Warzone bunkers. You can only find them inside legendary crates. Even then, securing an access card is only half the battle. Other than that, you also need to head inside the bunker safely.

There will always be a threat of others stealing your card before you can use it. Therefore, you should always be aware of your surroundings.

If you manage to open the bunker using an access card or CoD bunker code though, enjoy your new gears!

4. Warzone Park Bunker Tips

Treasure hunting in Warzone is a lot more fun when you know where to look. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to get into the Park Bunker as well as our cut of your loot!

When searching for the park bunker, you must be between a memorial and sea. Don’t bother with that ugly building because it’s not there! You should head south until you reach the park then start to make your way through it.

Afterwards, head to the bottom edge to look for the ‘hideout’ that usually appears in some rocks. You can always fly over or take the coast road if you have any troubles finding it.

Once you’ve done hauling your butt down to the bottom of the map, you are going to need a keycode for Park Bunker. The code is 60274513!

Take a look around inside! There is some cool stuff in here like model rocket on desk and lots of loot. The real fun part can be found down the side corridor though…

Here is what you need to know about Park (NUKE!) bunker: first, fly in or head through the park. Second, take a right onto some rocks until you see an ugly building with lots of loot – this should be your destination! There’s one very important rule here though… please do not set off the nuke inside Park (NUKE!) bunker because that will result in both death and disappointment.

5. Deactivated Bunker Codes

All bunkers and bunker codes listed above will no longer be accessible in Warzone Season 3: Reloaded. However, it is possible they may come back online so keep this handy information for when the time comes!

  • Bunker 01: 97264138
  • Bunker 03: 87624851
  • Bunker 10: 60274513
  • Hut 1: 27495810
  • Hut 2: 72948531
  • Locked Room: 49285163

6. Bunker Codes in Caldera

Good news, Bunkers are back in Caldera. These are the ultimate rooms in Warzone that will provide you high tier loots that will benefit you in fights. Here are the locations and codes for the bunkers in Caldera.

  • West Peak Bunker Entrance: code has not been discovered, but will be updated.
  • West Beachhead Bunker Entrance: code has not been discovered, but will be updated.
  • East Beachhead Bunker Entrance: code has not been discovered, but will be updated.
  • Secret War Room Beneath Arsenal: 627830
  • One of the Houses in the Capital Suburbs: 032703

7. How to Use Call of Duty Bunker Codes?

Technically speaking, using a bunker code in Warzone is easy. However, keep in mind that, when doing so you will be vulnerable for a few moment. That is why it is advised to do this when you have teammates covering you. Simply follow these steps below to activate the bunker codes.

  1. First, locate one of the bunker entrances from above.
  2. As you approach the door, you should find a keypad on the right-hand side.
  3. A prompt will ask you whether you want to interact with the keypad, select yes.
  4. Enter the numbers on the keypad.
  5. The door will slide open and you are free to take your loot.

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