Unlock All Call of Duty Vanguard Mastery Camo Guide

Are you a Call of Duty fan who’s bored of using the same skin? Why not get the camo for a change? Here’s how to unlock Call of Duty Vanguard mastery camo easily.

Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer has three mastery camos that are identical to those used in prior games. There’s Gold, which gives each gun a golden luster, and Diamond, which gives each weapon a rhinestone look.

Atomic is this year’s ultimate mastery camo for multiplayer, and it gives the pistol a surreal, animated look with a variety of wacky and colorful hues. And, like previous mastery camos, it will require a great deal of patience and dedication to uncover.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty Warfare has added a new Obsidian Camo in the latest update. Until now, Damascus Camo was the most difficult to achieve for players. To get this camo, players must get Gold camo on each weapon in the game.

To get Obsidian Camo in Call of Duty Vanguard, you have to unlock Gold camo first and get Obsidian camo for all weapons separately, which will take a lot of time.

How to Unlock Call of Duty Vanguard Mastery Camo: Obsidian

cod mastery vanguard
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Obsidian camo is an all-black skin in Call of Duty Vanguard that makes your weapon stand out from the rest. Of course, getting a camo only quenches your competitive thirst and doesn’t make the weapon any better. It does offer good camouflage for weapons. As of now, this is the main camo in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

To get Obsidian Camo, first and foremost is that you have to unlock Gold camo for weapons . Whenever you level up using a weapon, you will receive attachments, perks, and camouflage. All weapons have different camo challenges which you have to complete. You have to fight and show your skills with weapons in Multiplayer mode.

The challengers will have multiple levels as well, and you will unlock different patterns for camouflage when you are done with all the challenges. When you complete 10 challenges, you will receive Gold camo for weapons, and each weapon category has different challenges.

There are several types of Camo, namely Platinum, Damascus and Gold camo, to unlock Obsidian Camo, you only need to get Gold Camo. You can pass the challenge to unlock the other two camos. However, if you are a camo collector, you can collect them all.

Once you unlock Gold camo for weapons, you can get Obsidian camo. Following are the criteria that you have to complete to get this new camo.

  • Assault Rifles – To get Obsidian camo on each assault rifle, you have to kill 15 enemies in a match at least 200 times.
  • SMGs – With SMGs, you have to kill 15 enemies in a match at least 150 times.
  • Shotguns – Kill 15 enemies in a match at least 150 times. You can use Shotgun in melee combat.
  • LMGs – You have to kill 15 enemies every match at least 150 times.
  • Marksman Rifles – Again, try and kill 15 enemies in a match 150 times and unlock the camo.
  • Sniper Rifles – Kill 15 enemies in a match 125 times as Sniper rifles take more time.
  • Riot Shield – You can also get camo for riot shield by killing a total of 750 enemies using the shield. It’s difficult, but it’s achievable.
  • Handguns – For Handguns, you have to kill 15 enemies in a match at least 100 times to get camo. Use your main weapon to lower the enemy’s health and then use the gun to kill.
  • Launchers – Get killstreaks or destroy vehicles at least 100 times. You should be able to destroy more vehicles and get killstreaks with your troops.
  • RPG-7 ONLY – Kill 5 enemies every match 150 times. This is only for RPG-7 launcher.
  • Combat Knife – You have to kill 10 enemies in a match 125 times to unlock the Obsidian camo for the blade. Use perks like Ghost, Tracker, and Dead Silence Field upgrades to get more kills with combat knives.

That’s how to get Obsidian Camo in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It’s not easy, and it will definitely take thousands of matches to have a camo for all your favorite weapons. This is definitely a challenge, and if you are ready, the camo is yours.

How to Unlock Call of Duty Vanguard Mastery Camo: Gold

golden camo
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For some players, the best part of any Call of Duty release is honing camo mastery. In Vanguard, the Gold and Diamonds camo returns, with the final mastery camo being Atomic for this year’s installment. Here’s what they all look like, and how to unlock them.

Diamond Camo

Call of Duty Vanguard Mastery Camo diamond camo
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Diamond Camo is unlocked by completing Gold camo on all weapons in a certain weapon class. This means that to unlock the Diamond camo for the STG44, you must complete the Gold camo for the STG and every other weapon in the Assault Rifle category.

Atomic Camo

call of duty vanguard mastery camo
Source: xboxplay.games

The final mastery camo this year was Atomic. Atomic Camo is a dynamic, moving camo that can be unlocked by completing Gold on every weapon in the game. This means that you will also have unlocked Diamonds in each weapon, as you must complete each weapon category to unlock Atom.

While the camos take some time to unfold, they are definitely worth working on. With that said, the camo mastery this year was some of the best.


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