Dead by Daylight Prime Gaming Rewards – April 2022

dead by daylight prime gaming
Source: Dead by Daylight Official

Dead by Daylight players have something special waiting for them now, if they’re also Prime Gaming subscribers. Game developer Behavior Interactive announced this week that the latest Prime Gaming section is now available to those who have their accounts properly linked. Check out the full review of Dead by Daylight prime gaming below.

Dead by Daylight Prime Gaming Latest Rewards

 dead by daylight prime gaming code
Source: PrimeGaming Twitter

The skin that players questioned in Dead by Daylight was the “Very Rare” skin for Survivor Dwight Fairfield which is the Valentine’s Day spirit called “Love Hurt” skin.

The new cosmetics were announced this week in an ongoing blog post in Dead by Daylight, which keeps players moving forward on all things Prime Gaming partnership. This is the third part so far with two other parts before giving out skins for different characters.

You don’t need to pick up this cosmetic right away, as it will be available for a while but you do have to make sure it’s safe before it goes away for good.

In addition, you can also receive a charm for the Dead by Daylight April 2022 Prime Gaming rewards. It’s called the “Pot O Gold” charm which can be used for both survivors and killers. It’s yours to claim now, assuming you are a member of Prime Gaming.

The drop is available to get until the 10th of May when the offer expires. To claim it to your collection, you just need an active Prime Gaming account and enter the redeem code in the game.

For your information, this is the first charm that’s been released throughout this month’s latest round of Prime Gaming loot. In the past, other items usually included things such as outfits for Dwight Fairfield, Jake Park, and killers for The Blight and The Artist.

Over in the blog post, it provides info on how you can confirm and claim after connecting the account. You’ll of course need to have a Prime Gaming account and an active subscription but that’s included in Amazon’s premier membership, so it shouldn’t be a problem for many people. However, the steps below that come directly from the interactive behavior should help you make sure everything is in order to get this skin:

This is the first skin to be released this way for Survivor considering that the last few cosmetics were for Killers. There’s no telling who these skins will be given to but they will be announced every month just like Dwight used to be, so you’ll know when it’s time to resub to Prime Gaming if you haven’t already subscribed.

As an alternative, you can also receive free items by using Dead by Daylight redeem codes. These items usually include outfits, bloodpoints, and others, so make sure you check them out while they are still available.


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