The Best Minecraft Cheats in 2022: A Complete Guide

minecraft cheats
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Looking for the best and latest Minecraft cheats? You’ve come to the right place!

Minecraft is a popular game in the form of blocks or similar to Lego that requires players to build, arrange and destroy the blocks. To put it simply, this game is similar to a disassembly game but differs in that it’s not only crafting but also building to protect yourself from monster attacks to creatively build the world.

The game which was developed by a Swedish company is getting a lot of attention among children aged seven years and over. Minecraft seems to be a pioneer for children to love strategy simulation games like The Sims and others. Even so, Minecraft has been given a positive response by parents because it fosters creativity in children

One of the best selling video games in history, it turns out that not only children are interested in it, but even adults don’t want to lose. This virtual world filled with forests, hills and lakes is an “open-ended game” in which the game will end according to the player who runs it.

How to Activate Minecraft Cheats

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Cheats in Minecraft are called Commands. However, there are different cheats in the Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) version which is also adapted for mobile called Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the Windows 10 Edition version. In default mode, the Minecraft cheat option is disabled. Therefore, here is the guide.

Minecraft: Java Edition

In the loading room view of the Create New World window , click the More World Options option at the bottom. Then, you will find the option Allow Cheats: OFF and change it to ON. If you have, then go back to create a room and start the game.

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

In the Create New World window, you will see a cheats button. Then just click, the cheat will be active. However, if you activate the cheat, you will not be able to get the Xbox Live Achievement. When finished, start the game by clicking the Create button.

If you have followed the ways to activate the Minecraft cheat above, you can now use the various existing cheats. When you have started the game, now all you have to do is enter the cheat by pressing the “T” button on the keyboard. Then the typing column will appear on the screen. Meanwhile, for the Android version of Minecraft, all you have to do is tap the cheat button at the top of the screen.

Minecraft Cheats List

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Cheats will be divided into various types in Minecraft. No need to worry, because the cheat will be explained below. In addition, cheats are also notified in various versions of Java Edition and Windows 10. The Pocket Edition/HP version is also not much different from the others. So, pay close attention to the writing and its use so that it can be used.


Cheats / Commands Java Edition Windows 10
Creative Mode: Mode with unlimited resources, free to fly and can destroy blocks while mining /gamemode creative /gamemode c
Survival Mode: Mode by leveling up, looking for resources, having lives and being hungry /gamemode survival /gamemode s
Adventure Mode: An adventure mode that has limited features to keep the map from changing /gamemode adventure /gamemode a
Spectator Mode: This mode is only available on PC/Mac Java Edition. Audience mode. Can fly all over the Minecraft world and break through the blocks /gamemode spectator
Midday /time set day /time set day
Evening /time set night /time set night
noon /timeset 6000 /time set 6000 or

/time set noon

midnight /timeset 18000 /time set 18000 or

/time set midnight

sunset (sunset) /timeset 12000 /time set 12000 or

/time set sunset

Sunrise (sunrise) /timeset 23000 /time set 23000 or

/time set sunrise

Stopping time /gamerule doDaylightCycle false /gamerule dodaylightcycle false
Continuing time /gamerule doDaylightCycle true /gamerule doDaylightCycle


Always daytime /alwaysday true (lock)

/alwaysday false (unlocked)

/alwaysday true (lock)

/alwaysday false (unlocked)

Only day and night /daylock true (lock)

/daylock false (unlock)

/daylock true (lock)

/daylock false (unlock)

Camera is not stable: Mode shakes other players’ cameras.

<player> = target name

Intensity = optional between 0.00 – 4.00

Seconds = optional in seconds

shakeType = positional or rotational

/camerashake add <player> [intensity] [seconds] [shakeType] /camerashake add <player> [intensity] [seconds] [shakeType]
Difficulty type: Change the difficulty type in the game.

<level> = peaceful, easy, normal, hard

/difficulty <level> /difficulty <difficultyName> or /difficulty <difficultyID>
Giving items to other players in large quantities /give <target> <item> [amount] [dataTag] /give <player. <itemName> [amount] [data] [components]
Killing other players or characters specifically or completely /kill, kills everything including your player

/kill <player> , the specific target you want to kill

/kill, kills everything including your player

/kill <player> , the specific target you want to kill

Weather mode: Mode by changing various weather conditions, namely clear, rain, thunder, and snow /weather <type> [duration] /weather <type> [duration]
Summon mode: The mode of summoning various types of monsters or other creatures /summon <entity> /summon <entityType>
Teleportation mode: A mode where you can move from one place to another or from another location /tp <location>

/tp <destination>

/tp <target>

/tp <location>

/tp <destination>

/tp <target>

/teleport <x> <y> <z>

Turn off sound effects for you or other players /stopsound <targets> /stopsound <player>
Msg Mode: Mode to send messages privately to a single player or group of players /msg <targets> <messages> /msg <target> <message>
LocateBiome Mode: Mode locates biomes easily in three different dimensions, namely Overworld, Nether, and End. This cheat is only available in the Java Edition version /locatebiome <biome>
Items stay saved when dead /gamerule keepInventory true /gamerule keepinventory true
Mode of deleting other players’ items in inventory /clear <targets> <item> <maxCount> /clear <targets> <itemName> <maxCount>
Display title: Mode that can display large captions such as titles on the screen for other players or for yourself /title <targets> /title <titleText> /title <targets> /title <titleText>

Those are Minecraft cheats/commands that can be used on the Java Edition and Windows 10 versions. Even for the Pocket Edition version or the HP version, it can be used by writing names that are not much different as above. Writing commands are also presented in detail, such as the use of coordinates in teleportation and making sure not to type wrong, yes!

Minecraft is a game filled with various modes and items. So, it’s only natural that there are a lot of Minecraft commands. Even so, playing without using cheats in Minecraft is more fun and exciting because it doesn’t get instant results.


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