COD Vanguard Shi No Numa Easter Egg: A Complete Guide to Win

COD Vanguard Shi No Numa
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Since the map and the game type have been updated, the COD Vanguard Shi No Numa guide may be necessary to help you complete the main quest. In Swamp of Death, you need to team up with the other undead and avoid being eaten alive by the zombies.

Additionally, the Shi No Numa is actually not a new quest in Call of Duty: Vanguard. This is the classic quest but comes with new enhancements on it. So if you are going to know about the COD Vanguard Shi No Numa Easter egg and the guide to completing the task, here you are!

COD Vanguard Shi No Numa Guide

For those who are experienced in playing so-called Zombie games, the Shi No Numa Vanguard may be fairly simple. But if you aren’t experienced enough to face the Zombies, you can follow this Shi no Numa vanguard guide.

As a part of Mercenaries of Fortune, the goal of Shi No Numa is to build the wonder weapon, find the relic, and uncover the hidden horror of Kortifex’s past. Furthermore, here’s what you need to do.

1. Find the Dig Site and the Cypher Wheels

COD Vanguard Shi No Numa
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The first thing you need to do is to find the Dig Site. Just so you know, this may be a new area for Shi No Numa veterans. To be able to go there, you can take the Storage route or the Comms Room. It will be sign-posted with an objective marker. 

Once you’ve reached the Dig Site, now it’s time to find the three Cypher Wheels. Go to a dormitory, and see a bedside table next to a lantern. You’ll get the first Chyper Wheel. Then, the second one is on a table in front of the Pack-A-Punch machine. For the last chyper, head to Doctor’s Quarters, looking for a Max Ammo box, and you’ll find it in the corner next to it.

2. Activate the Monolith

The next thing you have to do is to find and activate the vine-covered monolith. For this step, you need to be at Round 5 or above. Go to Doctor’s Quarters Exterior and kill a Boom-Schreier in front of it to activate the monolith. The explosion will remove the mystic barrier from the monolith itself and later on, you can insert the three Cypher Wheels.

3. Build the COD Vanguard Shi No Numa Wunderwaffe DG2 Wonder Weapon

Vanguard Shi No Numa Wunderwaffe
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To build this weapon, you need to collect the separate parts. You can find the first part in Fishing Hut on the right behind the door. Once you have got the piece, insert it into the base of the Radio Tower in the Comm Room Exterior.

Furthermore, in the Comm Room, you can find the next part of the weapon. Interact with a Radio in the room and end the round next to the Radio Tower. Next, you are required to defend the Radio Tower for a limited time. While defending the Radio Tower, you can pick up the barrel part. Then, go back to the radio in Comm Rom and charge the vacuum tube.

The next step, head to the other room in the Comm Room to get an Electrical Fuse. Once you’ve got it, go to the Storage Hut and activate the trap immediately. However, before you activate it, you need to repair the trap using the Electrical Fuse.

When the trap is ready, get a set number of kills using this. After that, you can go to the build station and power the barrel. Following this, you need to get the third part. And thus, you need to get to Round 15.

In this step, you have to face off against Zaballa the Deceiver. During the fight, make sure that she attacks you with her electrical attack three times, so that you can use it to charge a machine in Excavation Room, opposite the door to Storage. Then, you can pick up the charged cell and complete the Wunderwaffe DG2 in the Storage Hut.

4. Find the Cypher Symbols

COD Vanguard Shi No Numa Guide
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After collecting the Cypher Wheels, now you need to find the Cypher symbols and solve the puzzle. Additionally, the symbols are on the paper attached to a clipboard. And to reveal the complete list of symbols, you need fire as it is written with invincible ink.

Watch out that the symbol will show differently in every game. The first symbol is on the back of the workbench in Dig Site. Following that, the second symbol is in the Comm Room, on the table opposite the Mystery Box spawn location. Meanwhile, you can find the third symbol on a table in Excavation Room. As for getting the last symbol, you need to shoot this to reveal the symbol under the papers.

5. Solve the Cypher Puzzle of COD Vanguard Shi No Numa

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Now since you have got the symbol, it’s time to uncover the puzzle. Head to Doctor’s Quarters and find a half-finished cypher on the table. It’s on the next of the perk spawn. Throw something flammable to help you reveal the symbol. 

Apart from them, the cypher is going to reveal a set of fifteen symbols. Don’t worry about it, the symbol won’t change in every game. You can take a screenshot of this for the future shi no Numa vanguard easter egg steps attempts.

Take each of the three Kanji symbols, and find it all on the list. Each symbol will link to another symbol on this cypher and have a second symbol to its right. Use the three new symbols from the right for the cypher.

Using the list of symbols you originally found at the Doctor’s Quarters, you’re going to get a new symbol to input into the monolith’s cypher. Take each of the three Kanji symbols you found, and find them on the list. Each one will have a second symbol to the right of it. You’ll use those three new symbols from the right for the cypher.

Put the symbol into each of the middle spots on the cypher disc. Rotate the disc to put the relevant symbols into a vertical row.

6. Survive Monolith Lockdown with Wonder Weapon

Once the symbols worked well on the Cypher disc, now you’ll see a small stone pillar that will glow red. You have to interact with it to trigger a lockdown. It’s worth noting that you have to be prepared to fight a wave of zombies. This is why you need your Wunderwaffe DG-2 wonder weapon.

Shoot the zombies with the blue haze since they are more aggressive and faster than others. Additionally, kill the zombies close to the monolith. This may be difficult to get done. However, you can repeat this step whenever you fail.

7. Drink Flogger Juice and Get Mirror Fragments

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Before getting the mirror fragments, you need to drink the zombie blood. You’ll fill the fountain with Flogger Juice. To do this, you are required to horde up some zombies and bait them to the flogger trap in the Flogger Courtyard. Then, you’ll be able to drink the juice and get a special vision.

This special vision helps you to find the mirror fragments. You’ll be able to see red orbs somewhere in the main building or an orb with an aqua-coloured glow around it. These orbs will lead you to where the mirror fragment is. However, if your vision disappears, you can repeat the same steps, which is drinking the zombie blood to get back the special vision.

8. Charging Podiums and Shooting Orbs

Have been succeeded in obtaining the mirror pieces? Now, you can take them to Dig Site and place them down on the pedestal. You will interact with the podium. And while you’re interacting with the podium, there will be an orb shoot up into the air and fly away to one of the huts.

To find back the orb and shoot it three times. Watch out that the orb will move after each shot. Once you have done it successfully, you’ll interact with the podium again and will trigger the final boss.

9. Fight the COD Vanguard Shi No Numa Boss

Source: Pinkvilla

You have reached the final step on Shi No Numa: the three-stage boss fight. As for the first stage, you need to kill Saraxis, the zombie, using a Wunderwaffe DG2 with the blue mist. You must conduct the fight around the central podium, where you placed the mirror pieces.

It will spawn a blue bubble where you can deal damage to the boss. You and the enemy need to be inside the bubble to do damage. Therefore, you may have to wait for Saraxis to move into the bubble.

For stage two, it’s Boom-Schreier’s that you need to kill using the same weapon. Do with the same steps as before. And now heading to the final stage, you will need to kill Sturmkriegers. Kill it with the same steps. But keep in mind that this enemy is more powerful and harder to beat up. Then, you have completed the quest! 


So, that’s all about the COD Shi No Numa Vanguard easter egg guide. These little insights will help you a lot to complete this main quest. It’s now your turn to fight with your own power and knowledge. Uncover the puzzle and beat the bosses. Good luck!

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