Dead by Daylight Codes [October 2022]

You might already be aware that Behaviour Interactives’ hit horror game Dead by Daylight codes get released every now and then. Gifts for redeeming those codes mostly contain the Bloodpoints or fragments, but wouldn’t you want them all automatically? We have a bunch of freebies available so keep reading to find out how.

One Company has been generous enough to provide this list with goodies from their popular title “Dead By Daylight”. These items should show up in your inventory immediately after claiming them through one simple process: navigate over “Redeem Code” under the Special Offers section on the main menu screen (top right). Make sure there isn’t anything else selected beforehand though because if not then selections will combine into one cart.

Get your free Bloodpoint and fragment rewards in seconds with these Dead by Daylight codes.

Steps to Redeem Dead by Daylight Codes

Dead by Daylight on Steam
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If you’re looking to redeem your Dead by Daylight codes, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to the game and locate the menu at top right corner of screen (or use one-click button).
  2. Search for “Redeem Code” option found under Store > In Game Shop/Codes section.
  3. Select it by clicking on box that says ‘Get It Now.’
  4. Copy desired voucher from list below
  5. Done! You should receive your rewards now.

Active Dead by Daylight Active Codes October 2022

Here are all the DBD codes that are active at the moment and you can use these once while you play your games so use these wisely.

DBD Codes (Working)

  • CAWCAW – Feathers of Pride charm
  • PRIDE2022 – Pride Charm
  • PRIDE – Rainbow Flag Pride Charm
  • NICE – 69 Bloodpoints
  • FINN: You receive 10,000 Bloodpoints
  • SHARKY: You receive 10,000 Bloodpoints
  • BUBBLES: You receive a Killer of the Sea charm

Expired Codes

  • TREATYOURSELF: 100,000 bloodpoints
  • NOTATRICK: 100k Bloodpoints
  • DbDDayJP2021: 202,100 Bloodpoints
  • INSERTCOIN: Arcade Machine Charm
  • HALLOWHOOPS: 1031 Bloodpoints
  • PRIDE: In-game Pride Charm
  • DWIGHTCROW: Dwightcrow charm
  • friskkuwurawrxd2022 – 50k Bloodpoints
  • MILADYISSEVENFOOTTWO – 50k Bloodpoints
  • INTHISECONOMY – 50k Bloodpoints
  • DIEHARDDIVA2022 – 50k Bloodpoints
  • LANTERNFESTIVAL – 15 Rift Fragments
  • CAISHEN – 88888 Bloodpoints
  • LUCKYMONEY – 16888 Bloodpoints
  • OINKYOUNEEDISLOVE – 200k Bloodpoints
  • TWOSDAY – 222022 Bloodpoints
  • VK130UP – 150k Bloodpoints
  • LIGHTSCAMERABP – 100k Bloodpoints – possibly expired already
  • 59th39 – 59k Bloodpoints
  • REVEALED – 100k Bloodpoints
  • INSERTCOIN – Arcade Machine Charm
  • PRIDE – In-game Pride Charm

How To Find Redeem Codes?

Dead by Daylight codes are a great way to get your hands on some of the game’s most sought after items. You can always visit us and find more redeem codes that will be released soon, or follow their Twitter page for updates from time-to-time!

On Reddit there is also someone who shares them every now then which means you might not know when they’ll post again so keep an eye out if this interests you at all as it could help make playing easier with less hassle. Finding & Claiming Dead by daylight CODECards has never been simpler than ever before thanks to our updated features.

What If The Codes Are Not Working?

Just like your fortnite redeem codes, Dead by Daylight wishes to remind all players that Dead by Daylight codes only work once. If you find yourself with an expired promo code, the team has provided instructions on how to redeem them quickly and avoid future issues; but there’s nothing we can do if your current promotion has already been redeemed.

We all love to get rewarded for completing tasks, right? Well now with Behaviour Interactives’ hit horror game Dead by Daylight codes can be claimed without any hassle. Gifts and rewards that are redeemable mostly contain Bloodpoints or fragments which you might want to claim immediately!


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